A Feral Khajiit

The Feral class is used by hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using their hands and generally behave in an animalistic manner. They are usually unarmored and can be of a variety of races.

Types of SpellswordsEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Vvardenfell Skaafin Wretch Skaafin Varies 31364
Vvardenfell Skaafin Miscreal Skaafin Varies 31364
Orcrest Diseased Feral Khajiit Varies 13846
White Rose Prison Feral Prisoner Imperial Varies 31364
White Rose Prison Feral Devourer Imperial Varies 31364

Spells and AbilitiesEdit


A series of quick swipes.



Rending SlashEdit

The enemy hits you with its hands or claws, dealing minor physical damage.

Devastating LeapEdit

The enemy leaps at the target, knocking them down. The attack is blockable.


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