Location Port Hunding, Stonetooth Fortress, Wayfarer's Wharf
Ship The Spearhead
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Chef
Old look

Fenlil is a High Elf chef who can be found on Captain Kaleen's ship, The Spearhead, in Port Hunding. He sells food and drink.


The SpearheadEdit

While below deck on the Spearhead, he will merely ask:



While below deck, he will comment on the supplies:

"I hope we have time to resupply before leaving Glenumbra. They have a good selection here."

Wayrest DocksEdit

Below deck on the Spearhead while it is docked at Wayrest:

"Hey there. Buy something, for old time's sake?"

Wayfarer's WharfEdit

While the ship is docked at Sentinel, Fenlil can be found above deck along with Tumma-Shah. He will reveal a desire of his:

"Hey, look who it is. I see you're still kicking. I'm glad, but I'm also jealous.
Just for once, I'd like to leave the boat."