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A Fear Mage

Fear Mages are a class of hostile NPCs who attack using magical abilities. They usually wield a staff with glowing red effects at the end.

Types of Fear MagesEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Teeth of Sithis Sun-Eater Terrorizer Varies Varies 29870
Library of Dusk Dusk Scholar Illusionist Imperial Varies 29870
Shadow Dance Temple Moon-Sentinel Frightener Khajiit Varies 29870
Lower eastern Craglorn Blackcaster Illusionist Varies Varies 59200

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fright ForceEdit

A basic ranged attack that does minor magical damage.

Aspect of TerrorEdit

The enemy casts a spell that fears the player for a short time, temporarily preventing them from moving or performing any actions. This effect passes through block, but players can break free from it. This spell can be avoided using roll dodge or interrupted to knock the enemy off balance.

Shadow CloakEdit

If the target is in close proximity to the Fear Mage, they will turn themselves invisible and move to a better location.

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