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A player affected by Fear

Fear is a debilitating effect which prevents a target from attacking, causing them to run away instead. You can get out of it with a Break Free action. Fear will not cause targets to run off cliffs, but they may end up running into flames or other AoE effects.


Skills Duration Affects Cost Notes
Aspect of Terror (Shadow) 2 sec. Up to 3 Targets 3780 Magicka Also reduces movement speed
Mass Hysteria (morph) 2/2.3/2.7/3 sec Up to 6 Targets Also reduces damage dealt
Aspect of Terror (morph) 4 sec Up to 6 Targets Targets must trigger traps
Werewolf Transformation (Werewolf) 4 sec. Up to 3 Targets 325 Ultimate None
Roar (Werewolf) 3.5-4.3 sec. Up to 3 Targets 3780 Magicka Also inflicts Off Balance
Turn Evil (Fighters Guild) 4 sec. Nearby Enemies 7987 Stamina Only affects Daedra, Undead, and Werewolves
Tangling Webs (Undaunted) 3.8 sec. Tangled Enemies 3511 Stamina Only if an ally activates the ON-icon-synergy-Spawn Broodlings.png Arachnophobia Synergy