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Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Northern Elsweyr / Ruins
Shadow Dance Temple
Khamira (During related quest), Moon-Sentinel Adept, Moon-Sentinel Frightener, Moon-Sentinel Shaman, Moon-Sentinel Suncaster
Northern Elsweyr
Through the Shadow Dance Ruins portal
Loading Screen
"Had the Moon-Priests become too dogmatic, too severe in their strictures of purity? Or were there secrets in the Shadow Dance that needed to be buried? For whatever reason, the Two Moons hierarchy had no choice but to close the place down." —Moon-Bishop Hunal
Entrance to the Temple found within a natural cavern

The Shadow Dance Temple is an ancient Khajiiti temple hidden in Northern Elsweyr. The sanctuary found in the deepest part of the temple is called the Vault of the Heavenly Scourge.

Related QuestsEdit

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngCadwell the BetrayerElsweyr: Stop Zumog Phoom before he can unleash Cadwell the Betrayer on Northern Elsweyr, and find a way to use the Dragonhorn.




Cavern outside Temple proper
Cavern outside Temple proper
Inside the Shadow Dance Temple
Inside the Shadow Dance Temple
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