Online: People
Location Firemoth Island, Sadrith Mora
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Eoki is an Argonian slave who can be found on the western side of Sadrith Mora just east of the docks. He'll start you on a serial quest to rescue his love and help them find freedom.

New characters created in Morrowind will first meet him in the starter quest Broken Bonds.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Broken BondsEdit

"Go on, now. Naryu wants to talk to you."

Eoki will be encountered in this quest inside a cell on Firemoth Island:

"Captured by slavers, what a predicament! But at least we're still alive.
Go on, now. Naryu wants to talk to you."

After you have talked to Naryu, he'll say:

"Please, dry-skin, do what Naryu asks. She's our best hope for getting out of this terrible place."

Once you've collected Naryu's items:

"Did you get the things Naryu wanted? The slavers are returning and plans have changed. Naryu sent me to find you and get the gate key."
Tell me what happened.
"Naryu sent a signal to the House Guard in Seyda Neen and that's when the slaver horn started sounding. The slavers must have been hiding nearby and now they're on their way back. We have to hurry!"
Here's the gate key.
"You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy morning!
I'll lead the prisoners through the gate and see what we can find to get off this island. You meet up with Naryu at the overlook and then rendezvous with us at the docks."
I'll find Naryu at the overlook.

A Hireling of House TelvanniEdit

You'll next find Eoki north of the Sadrith Mora Wayshrine. If you're meeting Eoki for the first time, he'll say:

"Mind your step. I would not want you to step on this random patch of grass. I jest, of course. The Telvanni force me to work, but I make sure it brings them no pleasure.
I see you wear no shackles. Do you seek work? I know someone who needs help."

However, if you have completed Broken Bonds, he'll greet you with the following:

"Ah, it warms my scales to see you once more, my friend. I wish I could thank you for my freedom, but as you can see, it was short lived.
I see you still wear no shackles. Will you aid me once more? I know someone who needs help."
Tell me more.
"In truth, you would be helping many Saxhleel. Myself included.
During my latest escape attempt, I met an amber beauty with eyes like summer rain. Her lukiul name is Sun-in-Shadow, but I call her my heart. She hatches a plan to set us free."
What do you need me to do?
"Seek her out in Tel Naga. If I know my heart, she will be sunning herself in the light of some book. Always reading, that one. Always learning.
If all goes to plan, she will read her books beside me in the boughs of a Hist. Soon, I hope."
All right. I'll go talk to Sun-in-Shadow.
"Walk with Sithis, my friend—and mind the Telvanni. They spin lies like an elder at the yarn-wheel."
How did you end up here?
"I ventured too far from the Hist and did not heed the bird-signs. Dark Elf slavers spine-hooked me near Thorn.
I escaped four times, but never for long. Eventually the Telvanni bought me—at a discount, I am told. I take pride in that, at least."
Is this legal?
"Laws are slippery things. The Ebonheart Pact outlawed Argonian slavery, but House Telvanni refused to join the Pact.
In truth, I cannot imagine how they would live without slaves. The magisters are like overstuffed crocodiles—dangerous, but lazy."
Can I help you break free?
"I thank you for your offer, but I tire of breaking free only to be recaptured a day later. Sun-in-Shadow's plan will earn us a lasting freedom.
If you help her, you help me."
Who are the Telvanni, exactly?
"Mages, mostly. Members of the so-called Great House Telvanni—one of the four Great Houses of the Dark Elves.
They love using that word … great. Great at ruining lives, perhaps."
So they all keep Argonians as slaves?
"Yes. And Khajiit also.
You see, for a Telvanni, life is nothing but a cheap struggle for mastery and control. Mastery of their dry-skinned magicks, control of their mushroom towers, and dominion over people. People like us."

During the quest, he'll only say:

"Forgive me, friend. I cannot talk. Too many unfriendly eyes in Sadrith Mora today."

Rising to RetainerEdit

You can initiate the quest by speaking to either Eoki or Sun-in-Shadow. If you speak to Eoki first he'll say:

"Hist bless you, my friend. Sun-in-Shadow's tail quivers with joy and her heart leaps over the moons. I have never seen her so happy.
At last, she can roam free and read her books in peace. I erect the spine of gratitude."
Still gardening?
"Yes. I garden like a caterpillar … one leaf at a time. Even so, I accomplish more in one day than these Dark Elves do in a week. But my words wander.
I bring news from my heart. She wishes to see you in her new dwelling-place."
Is she working on the plan to free you?
"Indirectly. My Sun-in-Shadow leaves nothing to chance. She must climb to a higher branch on the Telvanni tree—one she calls "retainer." Once she claims this title, she will set me free.
So, I plant myself like a sapling and wait."
I'll pay her a visit when I can.

He'll then walk away and vanish till you speak to Sun-in-Shadow.

From here, the conversation is the same whether you started the quest with Eoki or Sun-in-Shadow. You'll find him working the fields on an isle southwest of town:

"Greetings. We must speak quickly. The overseers grow nosy and suspicious."
Sun-in-Shadow said you may know a farmer near Vos who's willing to sell their land.
"I do. Otheri banished me to those farms for a time. I spent thirty days in the dry-box and heard many things.
A saltrice farmer named Barys Rendo grumbled like a sick crocodile. His wife called Vos a "backwater sty." He would sell. Why do you ask?"
Sun-in-Shadow gave me gold to purchase some land for her.
"She gave you gold? I thought …. My heart told me that she gathered coin to purchase my freedom.
She probably seeks to parlay this into an even greater sum. I trust her judgment, even if I do not fully understand it. Good luck, my friend."

You can start the conversation again, and he'll say:

"I wish I could do as much for Sun-in-Shadow as you have done."
When will Sun-in-Shadow be able to free you?
"I wish I could say soon. Unfortunately, the Telvanni Dark Elves observe many silly rules. Lower castes cannot own slaves. I do not know why.
Once she becomes an oathman, she will have the means to free me—then we will escape this place."
What will the two of you do once you're free?
"We Saxhleel struggle with the future, but I often gaze into the pond and dream.
My heart tastes Hist-sap for the first time. I teach her Jel and share root-secrets by candlelight. We paddle still rivers, hunt, and fish. These dreams keep me going."
Sun-in-Shadow seems pretty happy being a Telvanni Mage.
"Your croaks ring true, but she knows nothing of the larger world.
My heart hatched here in Vvardenfell, far from the Hist. Once she hears the cries of the hackwings, smells the peat, and feels the mud on her scales, she will forget about this place."

Objections and ObstaclesEdit

As Sun-in-Shadow runs into the Council House, Eoki try to reach her before she slips inside:

Eoki : "Always, she is busy and in a hurry."
"Ah, I see you have been tramping through the mud. Feel free to stamp your feet. Despite my best efforts, I have come very close to completing a task.
In truth, I enjoy sweeping the dock. Counting the ripples in the water … it feels like home."
Any news?
"My heart and I have barely spoken. She strains her spines both day and night, poring through tomes and hatching her schemes. Her eyes are fixed on the next rank … and the next after that.
I fear for her. A soul without rest grows dim as twilight."
So she hasn't shared her next plan with you?
"No, she has not. All to the good, I guess. A finless fish weakens the shoal.
But enough about me. You, my friend, are a mighty swimmer. Seek her out in her stone dwelling-place. If I know my heart, she will certainly have a task for you."
I'll talk to her.

He'll slink away, stating:

Eoki : "I think I'll go pretend to work somewhere else."