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Tel Naga
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Sadrith Mora
Tel Naga

Tel Naga is a mushroom tower of Archmagister Nelos Otheri in the center of Sadrith Mora.

The tower has three zones; Tel Naga, Magister's Retreat, and Adept's Hall. You will be trespassing once you enter Adept's Hall.

The following books can be found in the tower, The Truth in Sequence: Volume 1, as well as An "Invitation" to Discovery, and Magister Otheri's Research Journal.

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Tel Naga

This is the main hall of Tel Naga, where several residents and shopkeepers (including a general merchant, an alchemist and an enchanter) are present. There are three safeboxes, one for each shop, which can be found near their respective shopkeepers. There is an upstairs and downstairs portion, and only one guard, who stands near the door leading outside. You can wreak havoc in here as long as you don't catch the attention of the one guard.

Adept's Hall

The Adept's Hall is a room within the tower where Wizard Jinrisa has gone to conduct her business and adepts go to study. You will be considered trespassing when you enter this room. There are four NPCs who can catch you trespassing, and two that don't care. There is a safebox beside a table in the left-hand side of the room where Wizard Jinrisa hangs out, in an alcove.

Magister's Retreat

The Magister's Retreat is where Archmagister Nelos Otheri can be found during The Magister Makes a Move.