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How common is worship of the Daedric Princes? Cults come and go, rising in popularity and then being suppressed by the more orthodox citizens. Then the Daedric cultists go underground—quite literally.
Deadhollow Halls
Visited Heist: Deadhollow Halls
Outlaws: Outlaw Archer, Outlaw Assassin, Outlaw Sentinel
Stonefire Cult: Stonefire Infernal, Stonefire Slayer, Stonefire Butcher
Maulborn: Maulborn Frost Mage, Maulborn Healer
Quest Chain
Thieves Guild
Deadhollow Halls

Deadhollow Halls are Daedric ruins that serve as a heist location. You'll be taken here by Fa'ren-dar during the related quest. It is possible for the Maulborn, a group of Outlaws or the Stonefire Cult to be located here. A scouting report has been written on the area.

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Deadhollow Halls
Deadhollow Halls hidden rooms
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