Online: People
Home Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Kothringi Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Dassi is a cursed Kothringi found in Stillrise Village. Like many of the villagers there, she is thoroughly dissatisfied with her condition.


If spoken to prior to the quest:

"Go away! If they spot me, there's no telling what they'll do!"
Who are you spying on?
"Helushk's soldiers? Can't you see them? They're guarding the entrance to the Daedric Shrine!"
Who is Helusk [sic]?
"He's the village war-chief. He was in charge of Stillrise's defense before...
Wait. If you haven't talked to Chieftain Suhlak, I shouldn't talk to you any more."
Daedric shrine? That cave has a shrine inside?
"Of course! That's where―
Look, you really need to talk to Chieftain Suhlak about all this. Let me get back to my work."

When spoken to during quest:

"What are you trying to do? Get me caught?"
Is someone trying to catch you?
"Well, they haven't tried to catch me yet, but Helushk's soldiers are crazy! They're up there, guarding the shrine and practicing, night and day. They think being undead is great. They're insane!"
What are Helusk's [sic] soldiers practicing?
"He's the war-chief, so they're practicing fighting, of course!
Look, in the old days, Helushk was a great protector of the village. But since the curse, he's been going more and more crazy. He thinks his men can be an unstoppable army."
Why do you think they're insane?
"Because they actually like being undead! They think it makes them invincible.
Look, the rest of the village just wants to rest ... to die, to put it frankly. Helushk and his fanatics want to stay undead forever. If that isn't crazy, well ...."