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Elder Scrolls Online: People
This character only appears during the Anniversary Jubilee.
Chef Donolon
Home City Daggerfall
Davon's Watch
Vulkhel Guard
Location Jubilee Bakery Barge
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Friendly
Chef Donolon

Chef Donolon is a master chef renowned for his cakes. He appears along with his Jubilee Bakery Barge at the docks in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard. He was first added for the 2016 Anniversary event, and will grant players their own Jubilee Cake by completing the related quest.

If spoken to before the related quest, he will say, "Sorry. As much as I like to chat with my adoring public, I have to keep working or I'll never finish these cakes on time. Everyone has an occasion that's special, you know. Now if you happen to have a cake voucher, well, then we could talk."

Related QuestsEdit

  • Ache For Cake: Gather ingredients for a special anniversary cake.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ache For CakeEdit

Donolon in Auridon
Donolon in Glenumbra
Donolon in Stonefalls

When you speak to Chef Donolon, he will introduce himself and comment on his popularity.

"It's like this whenever I arrive in a new city. Everyone wants one of my cakes. That's why they call me the Wizard of Whisking, you know.
I wonder if anyone here received one of my rare cake vouchers? Those lucky netches are in for a special treat!"
I have a cake voucher.
"Congratulations! That's an amazing coincidence! Let me assure you, my friend, you're in for a wonderful treat. Not everyone receives one of my vouchers! Puts you right to the head of the line for my most delightful creation—the Jubilee Cake!"
Jubilee Cake?'
"You've never had one of my Jubilee Cakes? I suppose that makes sense. I don't make them for just anyone, you know.
People here in the Dominion lands especially enjoy the addition of locally sourced bananas!" (if you talk to him in Auridon)
People here in Covenant territory especially enjoy the cake's rich flavor. Comes from the locally sourced flour, of course!" (if you talk to him in Glenumbra)
People here in Pact territory especially enjoy the flavor of the honey. It comes straight from the source in Skyrim!" (if you talk to him in Stonefalls)
So how do I redeem my voucher?
"I'll make a fresh Jubilee Cake, but you'll have to gather the ingredients while I continue to fill my orders.
I need bananas, flour, and honey. Buy them or find them, doesn't matter to me. Just bring them back here. You'll be eating cake in no time!"
I'll get you the ingredients you need.
"The faster you collect the ingredients I need, the sooner you'll get to taste my delicious Jubilee Cake. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back."

You also have the option to ask him about his cakes:

Are your cakes really that popular?
"Popular? I've had nobles and Daedric Princes wait years for one of my confectionery creations. That's why they call me the Prince of Pastry and the Patron of Pies!
My cakes are grand and elaborate. And they're absolutely delicious. You'll see!"

After you have gathered ingredients, return to Donolon, who will ask,

"Welcome back to Chef Donolon's famous traveling bakery barge! Were you able to gather the ingredients I need to make you your cake?"


"You must have smelled the deliciousness wafting out of my mixing bowl. Doesn't it make your mouth water?
I can't talk right now, though. I have so many wonderful cakes to make! Don't want to disappoint my clients!"
I have the ingredients you requested.

He will then begin to mix the cake, grumbling as he does so: "A touch of this, a pinch of that …."

When he has finished preparing the cake, he'll say,

"See? That didn't take too long. It's amazing what a skilled chef can do with the right ingredients and the proper equipment."
Can I have my cake now?
"Cake? I don't know. This one came out so well, I might just keep it for myself.
Just kidding! You earned this special cake. Wait until you taste it! I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised."

Once you've completed the quest, Chef Donolon will have a new greeting should you speak with him again: "I hope you like the cake. Maybe we'll meet again some time. My bakery barge travels all around the world, you know. That's how we'll end this war of the alliances, mark my words. Cake has a way of bringing people together."