Online:Champion of Mehrunnez

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Champion of Mehrunnez
Location Rimmen Necropolis
Race Xivilai Gender Female
Health 271124 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (while on ledge)
The Champion of Mehrunnez

The Champion of Mehrunnez is a Xivilai who can be found in the Rimmen Necropolis. Alongside the Aspect of Darloc Brae, they form the group event of the public dungeon. When first encountered, they will be setting their forces against each other in some sort of game. If you interfere, they will play with you instead.

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

Aspect of Terror
Throw Dagger


Before you interrupt their war, they will engage in banter with one another.

Champion of Mehrunnez: "It's only fitting that you'll be defeated where so many of your soldiers are already buried."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "There is no place Darloc Brae would rather be than with his fallen soldiers."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "You'll regret coming to Rimmen Necropolis."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "We go where we please. And we bring death and destruction with us."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "You're no threat to us."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "Our enemies always say that right before they die."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "We hone our skills so much in life, even death can't take them."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "The only way to prove it is to watch you die."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "If you kill my forces, I will simply command them to rise, and fight again."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "Then we will kill you first."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "Darloc Brae supposes you would happily lose everything for your master."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "Death is only temporary."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "Darloc Brae never feared death. And he certainly doesn't fear you."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "We'll introduce you to them soon enough."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "Mortals are always fascinated with death. You should understand that better than most."
Aspect of Darloc Brae: "Darloc Brae understands seeking out a challenge. But only if it's possible to emerge victorious."

When she and Darloc Brae notice you, they will taunt you.

Champion of Mehrunnez: "Leave while you still can, mortals."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "It looks like someone else wants to die today."

After you defeat the first wave of enemies, the Champion teleports down.

Champion of Mehrunnez: "Our prince will be pleased when we fill this arena with your screams."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "Impressive, mortals. But do you honestly think you can defeat the chosen one of the prince Himself?"

When her health gets low, she teleports back up and another wave is summoned.

Champion of Mehrunnez: "Your warriors are nothing but rotting bones waiting to be crushed to dust by my forces."

After that wave is defeated, Darloc Brae teleports down.

After you have defeated both the Champion and Darloc Brae, the Daedra will suggest that they work together:

Champion of Mehrunnez: "It cannot end this way, Darloc. Together, we can teach these mortals the meaning of death."
Champion of Mehrunnez: "My prince! Remake us! Please!"


There is one Achievement associated with this NPC:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Rimmen Necropolis Group Event.png Rimmen Necropolis Group Event 50 Defeat Aspect of Darloc Brae and Champion of Mehrunnez in the Rimmen Necropolis.
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