Online:Captain Saulinia

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Captain Saulinia
Location Dov-Vahl Shrine
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 146590 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Captain Saulinia

Captain Saulinia is an Imperial found in Dov-Vahl Shrine. She is a leader in the Euraxian army bent on finding the last Dragonguard.

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Shortly after entering the shrine, you'll hear:

Captain Saulinia : ""Find the Dragonguard or his blood won't be the only thing that stains my blade this day!"

As you travel through the maze, you'll hear further threats:

Captain Saulinia : "You can't hide from us forever, Dragonguard!"
Dragonguard Orland : "You couldn't find an Alfiq in Alabaster, Euraxian dolt!"
Captain Saulinia : "Once I select a target, it always dies."
Dragonguard Orland : "I trained to fight Dragons. This isn't going to end the way you expect."

Once inside the Training Chamber, Saulinia strikes Orland, throwing him to the ground.

Captain Saulinia : "Now Dragonguard, you and your order die!"

Before she goes in for the kill, she notices you and attacks:

Captain Saulinia : "Oh, good. More blood to spill."