Online: Camp Merciful Reduction

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Camp Merciful Reduction
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Striking Locale
Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Dominion Invoker, Dominion Pyromage, Dominion Cutthroat, Dominion Mender
Aza, Maldur
Leafwater, Shadowfen
North of the Forsaken Hamlet
Camp Merciful Reduction

Camp Merciful Reduction is located north of the Forsaken Hamlet in eastern Shadowfen. The Dominion soldiers responsible for the atrocities performed at the hamlet can be found here. A thieves trove can be found in a cart at the top of the hill. A copy of On Argonians can be found on a desk under the tent behind Maldur's banner, at the western peak of the hill. A set of orders can be found on a stack of crates sitting beneath a tarp in the middle of the camp.

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There is one achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Discover Locales.png Shadowfen Pathfinder 5 Discover all of the striking locales in Shadowfen.