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ON-icon-skill-Daedric Summoning-Bound Armor.png Bound Armor
Line Daedric Summoning
Line Rank 42 Cost 4050 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 3 seconds
Target Self
Morph ON-icon-skill-Daedric Summoning-Bound Armaments.png Bound Armaments
Converts into a Stamina ability. Light and Heavy attacks summon Bound weapons that can be used to attack your current target. No longer grants block mitigation.
ON-icon-skill-Daedric Summoning-Bound Aegis.png Bound Aegis
Passively grants Minor Resolve while slotted. Increases the potency and duration of the block mitigation.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Bound Armor
Bound Armor: Protect yourself with the power of Oblivion, creating a suit of Daedric mail that increases your block mitigation by [33 / 34 / 35 / 36]% for 3 seconds. While slotted on either ability bar, your Max Magicka is increased by [5 / 6 / 7 / 8]% and you gain Minor Protection, reducing your damage taken by 5%.
Bound Armaments: Cost: 1377 Stamina, Range: 28 meters, Target: Enemy.
While slotted on either ability bar, your Light and Heavy Attacks summon a Bound weapon for 10 seconds, up to 4 times. Fully-charged Heavy Attacks grant two stacks. When you have one or more Bound Weapon active, you can activate the ability to arm the weapons, causing them to strike your target for [2286 / 2311 / 2336 / 2361] Physical Damage every 0.3 seconds. While slotted, your Max Stamina is increased by 8%.
Bound Aegis: Duration: 5 seconds.
Protect yourself with the power of Oblivion, creating a suit of Daedric mail that increases your block mitigation by [37 / 38 / 39 / 40]% for 5 seconds. While slotted on either ability bar, your Max Magicka is increased by 8% and you gain Minor Resolve and Minor Protection, increasing your Physical and Spell Resistance by 2974 and reducing your damage taken by 5%.

Bound Armor protects you with magical Daedric armor, which increases your Block Mitigation and reduces your damage taken. While slotted, your Maximum Magicka is increased by 5%. Bound Armaments changes the cost to Stamina and changes the ability to summon bound weapons instead and when the ability is used again, fires the weapons at the target dealing Physical Damage. While slotted, your Maximum Stamina is increased. The Bound Aegis morph adds Physical and Spell Resistance and increases the duration.


  • Unlike previous games in the series, this spell adds protection in addition to your regular armor, rather than replacing it.
  • Bound armor is not damaged by attacks and will last as long as you leave it on. However, your regular armor will still receive damage if you are attacked or killed while using Bound Armor.
  • Prior to Update 10, this caused your entire visual appearance to change, covering you in Daedric-style armor. Now, you just see a purple smoke around your torso, meaning that two Sorcerers both using this spell are no longer forced to look identical.
  • Bound Aegis is a recommended morph for the Sorcerer Initiate, Elemental Arcanist, War Mage, and Eldritch Mender builds, while Bound Armaments is recommended for Arcane Warrior.


Patch NotesEdit

  • This ability now grants you the buff Minor Resolve, and increases your maximum magicka by 5%. This bonus magicka does affect your ability damage.
  • The cost of the ability decreases with each rank of Bound Armor.
  • Bound Armaments: This ability now costs Stamina instead of Magicka, gives you a bonus to stamina instead of magicka, and increases the damage done by heavy attacks.
  • Bound Aegis: This ability now grants the Minor Warding and Minor Resolve buffs instead of additional armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Bound Armor would be removed if you put on a costume from your Collections tab. You may now hide your Bound Armor as you please, by putting on a costume.
  • This ability and its morphs no longer permanently change your appearance when they are toggled on; instead, they now only display a brief visual effect when toggled on.
  • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
  • Bound Armor: Fixed an issue where toggling this ability and its morphs off would dismount you.
  • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could become stuck on your character.
  • This ability and its morphs are no longer toggle abilities. Slotting Bound Armor will continue to grant you an increase to Max Magicka, and activating these abilities will increase the amount of damage you can block by 20% for 3 seconds.
  • Bound Aegis: This morph now grants Minor Ward and Minor Resolve while it is slotted.
  • Bound Armaments: This morph converts the ability into a Stamina ability and now increases your damage done with Light Attacks while slotted, instead of Heavy Attacks.
  • Increased the bonus to block mitigation granted by this ability and its morphs to 36% from 20%.
  • Bound Armaments (morph):
    • Reworked this ability into an offensive skill. Activating the ability no longer grants Block Mitigation for 3 seconds, but instead puts a 40 second duration effect on you that summons a Bound dagger any time you deal damage with a Light or Heavy Attack, with a maximum of 4 weapons being able to be active at any given time. Reactivating the ability causes the weapons to prime and quickly seek your target after a short delay. The ability continues to passively increase your Maximum Stamina and damage dealt with Light Attacks.
    • Updated the sound effects for summoning Bound Daggers with this ability.
  • Bound Armaments (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was not being considered Direct Damage in some cases.
  • Bound Armor: This ability and the Bound Aegis morph now also grant Minor Protection for 10 seconds after casting.
    • Bound Aegis (morph):
      • This morph now extends the duration of the effects as well.
      • The block mitigation now lasts for 5 seconds and the Minor Protection now lasts 20 seconds.
    • Bound Armaments (morph):
      • Reduced the damage per hit of this ability by approximately 11%.
      • This ability no longer passively increases your Light Attack damage.
    • Developer Comment: We're bringing this morph down to match a lot of the hybrid adjustments that the class has received. It was originally intended to help give Stamina Sorcerers a powerful option of a DPS skill since they couldn't use any of the other shiny abilities, such as Haunting Curse or Crystal Fragments. Now that those can be properly utilized on any build, this ability was enabling too much power that could be dumped at a moment’s notice when used in tandem with even just one of the others.