Elder Scrolls Online: Patch

Released on February 26 2018.

The Elder Scrolls Online v3.3.7 includes several ability fixes including those for Grim Focus, Bound Armor, Searing Heat, and the Blade of Woe. Also included are some minor bug fixes affecting map pins in Battlegrounds and the duration of some Unstoppable potions. The size of this incremental patch is approximately 78MB.

Morrowind Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance War & PVPEdit


  • Map pins will now appear correctly while in Mor Khazgur.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Combat Fixes & ImprovementsEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the Blade of Woe ability could not be used after you received a Synergy from another player.


  • Ardent Flame
    • Searing Heat: Fixed an issue where Rank II of this passive ability was increasing the duration of the heal over time buff from Power Lash.


  • Assassination
    • Grim Focus: This ability and its morphs will now generate stacks towards the Assassin’s Will and Scourge procs when you begin the Light or Heavy Attack against the enemy target, rather than when the Light or Heavy Attack successfully hits its target.


  • Daedric Summoning
    • Bound Armor: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could become stuck on your character.

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Fixed an issue where Unstoppable potions purchased with Alliance Points had a longer than intended duration following the previous duration change to Unstoppable potions. These now last 6.4 seconds at CP 160, down from 8 seconds.



  • Fixed an issue that would cause the client to occasionally disconnect while in combat.


Japanese Game Client

  • IME is now supported in fullscreen exclusive mode.