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Uuras the Shepherd's House
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Uuras the Shepherd's House

Uuras the Shepherd's House is a house near the West Gate of Skingrad. The house itself is situated between Bernadette Peneles' House and Undena Orethi's House, and is also near Salmo the Baker's House.

It is the residence of Uuras the Shepherd and consists of only one zone, Uuras the Shepherd's House.


Uuras the Shepherd's HouseEdit

On the first floor are two rooms to the left of the entrance. In the first room several sacks lie by the door, as well as an open barrel containing a pitchfork, a broom, and an oar. Low-class silverware, three tomatoes, a cheese wedge, and a bread loaf adorn the table, with more silverware on a shelf to the right next to the barrel. In the second room, three pieces of yarn can be found in a basket near the fireplace, with two heads of lettuce, a tomato, and a cheese wedge on a table to the right. To the left of the fireplace is another table with more cheese and a pumpkin. An iron mace lies in the corner next to that table. A clove of garlic hangs from the fireplace. The room also contains a shelf with two bread loaves, three carrots, one cheese wedge, and one sweetcake, as well as a cupboard containing more food.

On the second floor, there is more clutter, with 17 pieces of yarn on and near a shelf in the southeast corner of the first room, as well as a pair of shears on a chair. On a table in the center of the room lies a copy of The Eastern Provinces as well as a cheese wedge and some blackberries. There is a set of drawers on the east side of the room containing clutter, and a cupboard, with a cheese wedge on top, on the west side containing clutter, as well as three sacks next to the entrance to the second room. In the second room is Uuras' bed and one copy each of Biography of Barenziah, v 1, Brief History of the Empire, v 3, Brief History of the Empire, v 4, to be found on a table on the east side of the room. Also on that table is a cheese wedge and a covered pot. There is another set of drawers near the exit to the last room with a pair of huntsman leather pants on top, containing clutter. A pair of rough leather shoes lies against the northern wall. Along that same wall is a third set of drawers that contain clutter, and have a pair of stitched leather shoes and a sack cloth shirt on top. Near the stairs to the third floor is a cupboard containing clutter with a cheese wedge in a bowl on top.

On the third floor of the house, two chests with leveled locks contain some randomly chosen iron or steel equipment and perhaps some silverware and gold[verification needed]. There are also barrels and sacks around the room, containing clutter and food, respectively. A cupboard near the stairs also contains clutter. There is also a copy of the Athletics skill book A Dance in Fire, v3, on a shelf against the southern wall.



  • You can sleep in his bed with no owned bed or trespassing message.