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Oblivion:Tamika's House

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Tamika's House
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Console Location Code(s)
SkingradTamikasHouse, SkingradTamikasBasement
Tamika's House

Tamika's House is located in southern Skingrad and is a four-level affair including three main levels and a basement.

Two apples sit in a bowl on a table on the east wall. The door to the basement is on the opposite wall, under the stairs to the second level. At the foot of the stairs up a cupboard holds clutter, and the table in the alcove next to it holds a plate with two oranges. A table on the second level surrounded by several seats holds a single bottle of ale. At the top of the stairs to the third level is a foyer with three doors. The one at the head of the stairs leads into a small storage room with five barrels and two chests, all containing clutter. The two doors on the north wall both reveal small bedrooms. In the western bedroom, a double bed is against the north wall, though only one side of it can be used. The chest at the foot of the bed contains clutter, as does the chest of drawers on the east wall and the desk next to the door. In the eastern bedroom, a double bed is against the east wall. The chest at the foot of the bed contains clutter, as does the desk and the cupboard on either side of the door.

A chest that may contain weapons and/or armor sits on the first landing of the stairs down into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs is a large storage room with a single column in the middle. On the southeast wall are two cupboards - the one on the left contains food, as does the barrel and untied sack next to it; the one on the right contains clutter, as do the two tied sacks next to it. The barrel in the eastern corner contains common and rarer ingredients. The cupboard on the northeast wall contains drinks, and the table in the northern corner holds two cheese wedges and a loaf of bread. The two barrels next to it contain food, as does the cupboard next to them. In this same corner, a bookshelf holds two more loaves of bread, two ears of corn, a pumpkin, and a head of lettuce. Two garlic clusters hang from the column in the middle of the room.