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Oblivion:Redguard Valley Cave

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Redguard Valley Cave
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# of Zones 1
Redguard Valley Ogres
(1 Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftan)
Console Location Code(s)
RedguardValleyCaveExterior, RedguardValleyCave
Great Forest
North of Skingrad, South of Chorrol
Redguard Valley Cave

Redguard Valley Cave is a small cave between Chorrol and Skingrad containing ogres (quest-related). It contains only one zone, Redguard Valley Cave.

Related QuestsEdit


  • This cave can be entered and fully explored before starting the related quest. In this case, however, the Ogre Chieftain involved in the quest and the Honorblade of Chorrol he carries won't appear.
  • The occupants are all a special leveled variety of ogre, Redguard Valley Ogres, which are only found in this cave and near Weatherleah. All of the ogres except the chieftain will respawn.


Key to Maps
Map of Redguard Valley Cave, Exterior

Zone 1: Redguard Valley CaveEdit

Redguard Valley Cave

This zone contains two paths to reach the end room where, if Sins of the Father is active, you will find the Ogre Chieftan [sic] (A).

  • The first route takes you through two large chambers and a smaller one until you reach a long tunnel that leads you to the last room. By taking this path you will encounter all of the seven Ogres. Be wary in the second, larger room as you could end up fighting with up to four Ogres.
  • The second path is a series of tunnels which in the end link up to the long one that brings to the final room. This route can be accessed from the middle sections of the first and second rooms (which are on a lower level). If you take this path you probably won't need to fight any enemies, depending on where you accessed it.



Doors and Gates:

  • There is one door (at Out) in/out of this zone, leading outside