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Oblivion:Panther River

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Looking south at the large meander in the Panther River

The Panther River starts near the border of the Black Marsh, and snakes its way through the Nibenay Basin before emptying out into Niben Bay. (map)

It has numerous un-named tributaries, and is one of the better sources for Nirnroots. The place where the Panther River empties into the Niben Bay is called the Mouth of the Panther, named so because of teeth-like rocks that protrude from the surface of the river.

The Ayleid ruins Morahame, Welke, and Wendelbek border the Panther's shore. Those seeking a cure for vampirism will have to go to Redwater Slough on the easternmost shore of the river, where Fort Redwater, Kindred Cave, Bloodrun Cave can also be found. Fort Gold-Throat is located on the northernmost point of the river. The docks at Black Dog Camp can be found along the northern shore.

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