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Methredhel's House
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Console Location Code(s)
Imperial City, Waterfront District
Methredhel's House

Methredhel's House is a house on the waterfront, where Methredhel, Adanrel and Carwen live. The house is situated between the abandoned shack and Myvryna Arano's house.

The house itself contains her owned bed and two bedrolls for the other inhabitants. The only thing of real importance is Methredhel's Chest, which you might loot during the quest May the Best Thief Win. It contains food and clutter, and, during the quest, Amantius Allectus' Diary. At the foot of the bed there is another chest with clutter and a small chance of minor loot, and on top sits a copy of Followers of the Gray Fox. Throughout the rest of the house there is a barrel and cupboard containing some food, with a Guide to Chorrol sitting on top of the cupboard. There is a set of drawers containing some lower class clothing, as well as four sacks containing clutter and possibly some minor loot, and one sack of grains on the floor.


Related QuestsEdit


  • All three residents carry keys to the house.