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Marker BooksEdit

If you open such a book, a sign will appear on your map, marking a place.

Book Name (ID) Marker Where to find
OB-icon-book-Book9.png Agnar's Journal
Kingscrest Cavern
Quickwater Cave
Dive Rock. Note: This does not work in the same way as the other marker books. Merely approaching the lookout point is enough to get the markers. You don't need to read the book or even look at it. (However, the script that adds the marker points IS on the book, though it's not obvious that this is the case.)
OB-icon-book-Book1.png Cleansing of the Fane
Malada Mach-Na's bookstore in Cheydinhal, the First Edition bookshop in the Imperial City, or a purple book found in the bookshelf on the east wall of the 1st floor of the Mystic Archives and in the Chironasium upper level on the third shelf of the bookcase in the northeastern corner.
OB-icon-book-Book4.png Knightfall
Frostfire Glade The First Edition in the Imperial City during the quest Tears of the Savior.
OB-icon-book-Book1.png Modern Heretics
Azura's Shrine Cloud Ruler Temple, or the Mystic Archives in the Arcane University.