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Margarte's House
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Margarte's House

Margarte's House is a two-story home in northern Leyawiin next door to the Three Sisters' Inn, across from The Great Chapel of Zenithar, and behind Cingor's House.

It is the residence of Margarte and her trouble-making husband, Eitar, and consists of one zone: Margarte's House.



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Margarte's HouseEdit

In the entryway, a foyer area holds a small table with a loaf of bread and five strawberries. The dining area in the northeast holds a table with another loaf of bread and three apples. A cupboard holding drinks is against the wall with two clutter sacks nearby. The door near the foyer leads to a den that contains a sack and a desk that both contain clutter. A bookshelf holds two cheese wedges and a pair of tan linens sits on the table. Two chests here can hold armor and/or weapons: one on the windowsill and one in the northeast corner.

A bedroom accessed through a door here holds two single beds, one with a clutter chest at the foot of it. A set of drawers containing clutter sits against the west wall with a pair of tan linens and a nirnroot sitting on top of it. Three barrels and four sacks, all containing clutter, sit against the south wall.

A hallway to the east of the foyer has two doors which lead into two storage rooms. The north storage room holds seven clutter barrels, another clutter sack, a chest holding gold or jewelry, and a wine rack that holds four bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, three bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, and two bottles of cheap wine. The south storage room only contains three more clutter barrels. The sitting room at the end of the hall features four barrels and three sacks all containing clutter and shelves holding food. This room also features a staircase leading to the second story.

At the head of the stairs, a second floor den holds two more clutter barrels, two clutter sacks, a desk holding clutter, and drawers that contain clothing. The bedroom adjacent contains another single bed with a clutter chest at the foot of it and two sets of drawers, both of which contain clothing, with a pair of burgundy linens on one of them.


  • Both Margarte and Eitar carry the key to this location.
  • The two armor/weapons chests, the gold/jewelry chest, and every sack are non-respawning containers.
  • Eilewen's House appears in this location in ESO.