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Kvinchal's Shack
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Console Location Code(s)
Imperial City, Waterfront District
Kvinchal's Shack

Kvinchal's Shack is a small house in the Waterfront District in the Imperial City. The shack itself is neighboring Jair's Shack and is also adjacent to Methredhel's House.

It is the residence of the Kvinchal siblings; Bronsila, Kastav and Vlanarus. The shack consists of only one zone, Kvinchal's Shack.


Kvinchal's ShackEdit

The cramped interior

The Kvinchal family is obviously quite poor, as evidenced by the contents of the shack. Three single beds take up most of the space. Between two of the beds is a chest that contains clutter. Next to the furnace, there is a chair, a grain sack and a candlelit dining table. Near the door are some shelves for food utensils and some drawers. There is a cupboard with food, on top of which is the book Guide to Chorrol.


  • The sacks are the only containers in the shack that do not respawn.