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Oblivion:Gottlefont House

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Gottlefont House
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Gottlesfont Priory
Gottlefont House

Gottlefont House is a house in Gottlesfont Priory.

It is adjacent to the chapel, and serves as the residence of Sisters Angrond and Phebe Jeanard.

The exterior of the house is a simple stone cottage, with a small garden in the back.

The interior of the house is a single room. To the immediate right of the entrance are two barrels, one tipped over and empty and the other holding a rake, a shovel, and a pair of tongs. To the left, along the western wall, are two tables holding a novice calcinator, a novice mortar & pestle, three cinnabar polypore yellow caps, one fly amanita cap, four lady's mantle leaves, and eight steel-blue entoloma caps. Along the northern wall is a fireplace, two tables, and a chair. The first table holds a novice alembic, the book Fundaments of Alchemy, and another four lady's mantle leaves, while the second only has some common tableware and four samples of corn. A dining table with four chairs, a loaf of bread, and more common tableware is in the middle of the room, while in the northeastern corner you will find a cupboard containing food, a basket holding seven tomatoes, and a set of shelves holding more tableware.

On the other side of the room are three single beds, a set of drawers containing clothing with a bottle of beer and a sack cloth shirt on top and a pair of stitched leather shoes on the floor nearby, another fireplace, and a cupboard containing clothing with a steel-blue entoloma cap on top, beneath which is a pair of breeches and the rare beggar's shirt. The book Ten Commands: Nine Divines lies on the floor near a broom.

The interior



  • The entrance to the house is unlocked.
  • Entering the house is not considered trespassing.
  • One of the three beds is free to use, while all loose ingredient and food samples as well as the food in the cupboard may be freely taken.