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This article is about the Speaker in the Dark Brotherhood. For the Blade, see Belisarius.

Belisarius Arius
(RefID: 00003988)
Location Applewatch, then Bravil, finally Crypt of the Night Mother
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 20 Class Assassin
RefID 00003988 BaseID 00036309
Other Information
Health 135 Magicka 77
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Essential Until Honor Thy Mother (Scripted Death)
Faction(s) [see notes] Dark Brotherhood Murderer(Murderer Murderer)
Belisarius Arius

Belisarius Arius is an Imperial assassin, and a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood's Black Hand. He is killed by Mathieu Bellamont at the end of the quest Honor Thy Mother. Belisarius will only appear in the game once you initiate the quest Following a Lead.

He wears the befitting Black Hand robes with a matching hood and doeskin shoes. He carries an unenchanted iron longsword as his only weapon, and a small amount of gold.

When the Black Hand descend into the Night Mother's crypt during the Honor Thy Mother quest, Belisarius is removed from the Dark Brotherhood faction and added to the DarkBrotherhoodRitualFaction instead.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Following a LeadEdit

After you discover the hideout of the real traitor inside the Brotherhood, trying to report back to Lucien Lachance will have you find him strung up and dismembered by the remaining members of the Black Hand, who believed him to responsible. When you talk to him in Applewatch, he will greet you by saying:

"Greetings, Speaker."
"Greetings, fellow Speaker."

It will also become quite clear upon speaking with him that he was quite blood-starved:

Lucien Lachance
"Most of my time is now spent on administrative duties. I have not had blood on my hands in far too long! Killing Lachance was pure ecstacy [sic]."

Upon exiting dialogue, he will yell out:

"Sithis is Master! All hail the Dread Father!"

Honor Thy MotherEdit

Belisarius, alongside the other survivors of the Black Hand will travel to Bravil in order to seek guidance from the Night Mother. Once the members have performed the incantation at the statue of the Lucky Old Lady, a door will be revealed to the Crypt of the Night Mother. There, it becomes clear that Belisarius might've been better off with his administrative duties, as Arquen speaks with the Night Mother and the traitor Mathieu Bellamont reveals himself by cutting down Belisarius and Banus Alor.


After completion of the questline, one of the new Dark Brotherhood Murderers will ask a macabre question when asked for rumors:

"I... I heard what they did to Lucien Lachance... Is it true that Arquen feasted on his entrails?"


  • In the game, it is stated that Belisarius is a Speaker of the Black Hand. However, in the Construction Set, Belisarius is only listed as a Murderer in the Dark Brotherhood. The information listed in the summary box is the Construction Set faction, because this is the information that controls the NPC's disposition, dialogue, and responses to scripts; see Factions for details.


  • When asked for "Rumors", Belisarius was supposed to give you the same answer as all other remaining Dark Brotherhood members at this point: "This is no time for gossip mongering. A dark destiny awaits us." However, Belisarius can't use this dialogue, due to the conditions incorrectly checking for Belisarius the Blade instead.