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Oblivion:Aldos Othran's House

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Aldos Othran's House
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Aldos Othran's House

Aldos Othran's House is a house in southwest Cheydinhal, right next door to Llevana Nedaren's House and The Great Chapel of Arkay.

It is the former residence of Aldos Othran and consists of one zone, Aldos Othran's House.

There is a Cheydinhal guard permanently stationed by the door to keep anyone from entering. If you stand around this guard, he may say: "Stand clear!" Attempt to talk to him, and he will tell you: "I'm sorry, no one except for Cheydinhal City Guard are allowed inside this home. Due to outstanding fines owed to the city. Aldos Othran's property has been seized and is now sealed until further notice. Good day."

After he has killed Aldos Othran during the related quest, his dialogue changes. If you speak to the guard, he will greet you by saying: "Move along, citizen. There's nothing to be done here." You can then ask him about Aldos Othran, and he will say: "You saw what happened, I had no choice. Aldos attacked first, and I had to defend myself. If you don't like it, take it up with Ulrich." When you exit conversation with him, he says: "Move along please."


Aldos Othran [a]
^aThis NPC is evicted from his home and becomes homeless before you arrive.

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Aldos Othran's HouseEdit

In the southwest corner of the entryway is a chest and a sack with both holding clutter. In the corner beside the stairs leading up to the second floor sit two barrels, one with food and one with clutter, and two grain sacks. The hallway leading to the north holds a table on the east wall with seven strawberries and a smaller table on the west wall with a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine. The two wine racks on the west wall hold seven bottles of Surilie Brothers wine, seven more bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine, and six bottles of cheap wine. In the dining area at the end of the hall, the table in front of the fireplace holds three apples, three summer bolete caps, two steel blue entoloma caps, and a loaf of bread. The alcove in the northwest holds a drinks cupboard with two pumpkins on top of it and another two in the floor.

On the second floor, two food barrels sit in the sitting area next to the stairs railing. Three pumpkins and four watermelons sit on the floor next to them. Another food barrel sits in the southeast corner and the table holds seven oranges and a bottle of Surilie Brothers wine. The bookshelf holds three more bottles of Surilie Brothers wine, a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine, a bottle of Tamika Vintage 415, and a clutter sack. In the bedroom the double bed sits in the southeast corner with a clothing chest of drawers next to it, holding another bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine on top of it. The chest at the foot of the bed can contain gold and jewelry. In the northwest corner sits a clothing cupboard and a chest that can hold armor and/or weapons. A patched vest sits on the table with a pair of rough leather shoes on the floor underneath it.


  • A key to this location exists in the Construction Kit, but cannot be obtained in-game.
  • The two chests in the bedroom and the four sacks throughout the house are the only containers in the house that do not respawn.