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Oblivion Mobile has 10 quests that follow the main storyline of the console and PC version of the game. In addition, there are four optional quests that can be taken alongside or during certain quests in the story which offer extra experience points, items, or gold.

For dialogue, see the Narrative page.

Main QuestEdit

  1. Escape From Prison: Break out of the Imperial Prison and deliver a treasured heirloom.
  2. The Illegitimate Son: Find the Emperor's illegitimate son and escort him to Bruma.
  3. Recover the Amulet: Retrieve the Amulet of Kings from the Mythic Dawn Cultists.
  4. Spies: Eliminate a cell of assassins in Bruma.
  5. Blood of the Daedra: Retrieve the Azura's star for Martin.
  6. Blood of the Divine: Retrieve the armor of Tiber Septim.
  7. Miscarcand: Find the Great Welkynd Stone in an Ayleid Ruin.
  8. The Great Gate: Enter the Great Oblivion Gate and retrieve the final item for Martin's ritual.
  9. Paradise: Face off with Mankar Camoran for the Amulet of Kings.
  10. Light the Dragonfires: Escort Martin to the Temple of the One to light the Dragonfires.

Optional QuestsEdit