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Eliminate a cell of assassins in Bruma.
Quest Giver: Jauffre
Location(s): Bruma, Planes of Oblivion
Prerequisite Quest: Recover the Amulet
Next Quest: Blood of the Daedra
Reward: None
The Guards fear for Martin's safety

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Eliminate four assassins in Bruma's streets.
  2. Find and close the Oblivion Gates before a greater gate can be opened.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The AssassinsEdit

After returning to Bruma with the Tome from Mankar Camoran, a guard will alert Jauffre that a group of assassins have entered Bruma with intent of killing Martin. The Champion offers to eliminate the assassins before it is too late.

The door on the east side of town

Four assassins hide in the streets of Bruma. Two in the southeast of the map, and another two in the town square close to the north gates. Upon entering the square, the Champion overhears the two Mythic Dawn assassins - Avery and Rylander - discussing plans on opening a greater Oblivion Gate right in the town itself. The Champion must confront the two; Avery is a swordsmen, while Rylander will stand back and fire arrows.

The GatesEdit

On the far east side of Bruma you can find a flashing door. Inside the building are a pack of Mythic Dawn cultists with three Oblivion Gates; they will attack the Champion on entering. Making contact with any gate will send you into the planes of Oblivion.

The Planes of OblivionEdit

The planes are a relatively simple level. There are several Mythic Dawn Agents throughout, but you must merely activate the Sigil Stone - which can be found on the most southern area of the map.

Activating the stone will complete the quest and return the Champion to Bruma.


The Sigil Stone
  • The quest Commander in Chief can be started during this quest by speaking the civilian in the far north of town.
  • This is one of few quests you can freely talk to civilians and guards in the town.
  • Once entering or exiting a building, you cannot return.
  • After killing the first cultist near the Oblivion Gates, the Champion will say it is now time to deactivate the gates - even though two cultists remain.
  • The Sigil Stone may seem like it cannot be activated at first. If so, a player may activate the space one tile to the right of it.
  • The character of Rylander is named after the tester Josh Rylander.

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