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OBMobile:Blood of the Divine

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Retrieve the armor of Tiber Septim.
Quest Giver: Martin
Location(s): Sancre Tor
Prerequisite Quest: Blood of the Daedra
Next Quest: Miscarcand
Reward: None
Baynham's riddle

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Activate four switches in order.
  2. Find the Armor of Tiber Septim.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Blood of the DivineEdit

After retrieving Azura's Star, Martin will indicate the next item he will need is the blood of a Divine. The legendary armor of Tiber Septim at Sancre Tor is said to be stained with the Emperor's own blood.

Sancre TorEdit

The quest begins in the fort of Sancre Tor. It is a relatively small, single-level map. There are masses of ghosts spread throughout and the NPC Baynham is in the north.

Baynham's RiddleEdit

Baynham will say only one thing: "To witness the armor of Tiber Septim, you must follow the Sun's course." The riddle refers to the 3 switches throughout the map. By activating these switches in the same direction the sun travels—east to west—a wall will open to the east of the map. The three switches can be found in the north, west, and southwestern sides of the map respectively. You must activate them in order. Activating a switch out of order will yield no response.

The sequence the switches should be activated in is illustrated below:

1. The north switch
2. The west switch
3. The southwest switch

A Fourth SwitchEdit

The column

After activating the switches in order, the wall to the east of the map will open. There are several ghosts within and a chest. A fourth switch may be found inside that will clear the walls around the column at the center of the map.

Getting the ArmorEdit

The armor can be retrieved by activating the column—now exposed—in the map's center. Unfortunately, you cannot actually see the armor. Once taken, the quest will end and the Champion will return to Bruma.


  • It is not clear whether Baynham is supposed to be an Undead Blade or a living person.
    • He is named after the programmer Stephen Baynham.

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