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Marara (marara)
Location Drethan Ancestral Tomb
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 30 Class Monk
Other Information
Health 194 Magicka 126
Alarm 0 Fight 90

Marara is an Imperial vampire monk who resides in the Drethan Ancestral Tomb in the Sheogorad Region. She tires of the unlife. She is rumored to have slain many mortals who ventured into her tomb and a few vampires along the side.

Marara wears an extravagant robe, a matching pair of shoes and her unique ring. Furthermore, she has at most two hundred drakes on her person. Aside from her natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, she knows the following spells: Cure Common Disease, Strong Resist Poison, Strong Resist Magicka, Strong Resist Frost and Strong Resist Fire.

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The Weary VampireEdit

If you speak with Marara as a vampire, she will reveal that she has grown weary of her vampiric existence and will request that you end her unlife:

  • "Greetings, dark walker. What brings you to my home? Have you come to rid me of this unlife?"
  • rid me of this unlife
    • "I have walked in darkness for many mortal lifetimes. I have watched kings rise and fall, empires expand and contract like a beating heart. I have no wish to continue with this existence. My only hope is to find one worthy enough to end my life."
    • worthy enough
      • "I will not allow any mortal to cause my end. None but one of my own kind, another vampire, will be the one to end my life. Many mortals have tried, lured by the riches I have gathered throughout the years. Will you be the one, new blood? Will you end this life and claim my riches as your own?"
      • I will end your existence.
        • "Perhaps you will; perhaps not. You are a brave one to try, though. Let us begin, then."
        • rid me of this unlife
          • "Yes, worthy enough to free me from this place. Only another vampire shall be the one to do this."
      • I will play no part in your death.
        • "I rather thought not. You are too young to stand with one of my stature. Perhaps you'll come back another time and grant me my boon."

Exiting the conversation with her after you have agreed to kill her prompts Marara to engage in combat with you. However, as long as you have not (yet) agreed to fight her, you remain free to speak with her again, in which case she will greet you with the following words:

  • "All I wish is to be finished with this living death."


  • Marara is of the Berne bloodline, but is not a member of the clan.