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Morrowind: Spell Effects
MW-icon-effect-Sanctuary.jpg Sanctuary
School Illusion
Type Defensive
Base Cost 1
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Magic Apparel

Sanctuary M points for D seconds

Causes the target to be more difficult to hit with physical attacks. The magnitude is the value that is added to the target's chance to dodge attacks (magical attacks are unaffected).


  • This effect is additive.
  • Sanctuary's effect is capped at 100, and any point past that does not do anything. The most effective way to maximize avoidance is to get 100 Sanctuary, then stack Agility as high as possible or desired. With a full Fatigue bar and 100 Luck, around 190 Agility will make it impossible for practically all regular enemies to land hits on you, though certain special ones like Gaenor, the Hands of Almalexia, Helseth's named Royal Guards or the Werewolves in the last Bloodmoon quest can still hit you.

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