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MW-icon-effect-Sanctuary.jpg Sanctuary
School Illusion
Type Defensive
Base Cost 1
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Magic Apparel

Sanctuary M points for D seconds

Causes the target to be more difficult to hit with physical attacks. The magnitude is the value that is added to the target's chance to dodge attacks (magical attacks are unaffected).


  • This effect is additive. In the combat routine, Sanctuary adjusts the defender's roll point-for-point; meanwhile, the Fortify Attack and Blind effects do likewise for the attacker. Even though the other factors (Agility, Luck, and weapon skill) are additive in the end, they are each given different weights and are subject to the Fatigue coefficient.
  • Sanctuary's effect is capped at 100, and any point over 100 does nothing.
  • The most efficient way to maximize avoidance is to obtain 100 Sanctuary and as much Agility on top of this as possible or desired. The percent chance-to-hit computation merely subtracts the factors of the defender from that of the attacker; therefore, if your aggregated agility, luck, and Sanctuary exceed an enemy's skill, agility, luck, and Attack, then the enemy's chance of hitting you is zero percent. And if the attacker's total exceeds the defender by a hundred points or more, they always hit. It is especially difficult to dodge swings from special existences like Gaenor, Almalexia's Hands, Helseth's named Royal Guards, or Hircine's Werewolves.

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