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Mastrius (mastrius)
Location Salvel Ancestral Tomb
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 29 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 268 Magicka 124
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Mastrius is a Dark Elf warrior and a vampire who was imprisoned by Azura. He is found in the Salvel Ancestral Tomb and gives you a quest to set him free. Mastrius has an odd request and may not be trustworthy...

He is wearing an ebony cuirass with matching pauldrons, greaves, boots, and shield, and he wields a demon katana. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Unique DialogueEdit

"Night walker, it is good you have come. Perhaps you will be able to free me from my imprisonment."
my imprisonment
"I have been trapped in this place for centuries, kept here by Azura, damn her meddlesome ways. I had lived for years feeding off the human cattle until she imprisoned me here, leaving me weak, powerless, and helpless. I tire of feeding off rats to keep me alive. But I may have found a way to escape."
way to escape
"Though I have been trapped here for centuries and my body is weak, my mind is not dead. I feel that I have devised a way to break this barrier that keeps me locked in here. Perhaps you will help me, my friend. The two of us could rule the outside world together. None could stand before our combined might!"
Option Dialogue
I will help free you. "Excellent. I could sense you had the stuff of greatness. Here is what you must do. I will need you to bring me two items. The first is Spell Breaker. It is a powerful shield, which some say was forged by the hands of a Daedra Prince. I should be able to use it as a conduit to remove the spell. The other item I will need is the heart of a daedra. This will give me the strength I need to dispel the enchantment."
No. I will not attempt to meddle in the affairs of a Daedra Prince. "No? Pah! I should have figured as much from one so new as you to the dark powers. Leave me. Another will come to free me from this prison."
Spell Breaker
"It is a shield of immense power, known for its resistance to even the most arcane magic. I have heard it lies in Bthuand, a Dwemer ruin north of here. The former owner now lies there as well, unable to control it's enchantments."
"It is an ancient Dwemer ruin to the north of here. Leave this place and travel to the north. Find the ruins, and return Spell Breaker to me."
way to escape
"Why have you not brought me the items I desire? Make haste! I will be free of this prison, and I... we... will rule the world above."

Returning to him with Spell Breaker:

"I must escape this dungeon. It has been far too long since I have tasted the blood of man or mer."
way to escape
"You have returned with the items. Perfect. I have made the preparations necessary to complete the spell. I will only require one thing further from you."
one thing further
"This spell will take a great deal of strength to dispel. Azura has left me weakened, and I will not be strong enough to do it myself. You must lend me your strength, your endurance, your very life essence in order for me to succeed. Do this, and I will be free of this place, and will begin my conquest of the world above!"
Option Dialogue
Yes. Drain my power so you may complete your escape. "Then I will begin. Soon the mortals will once again tremble at the mention of my name."
No. I will not allow this. "You would come this far and not allow me to complete the spell? Fool! Weakling! I should have known you were an imperfect servant! Be gone. Leave me to my misery. Another will come to free me from this place."

Speaking to him after refusing to help him:

way to escape
"One day I will escape from this prison."
one thing further
"Get out of here! I have no further use for you!"

Agreeing to give him your life-force:

"Ahhhhh! The power once again flows through my limbs! I am whole again! Now, I shall once again feed on the mortals above, pay them for my years of imprisonment! You are useless to me now, young fool. You shall be the first to die at my hands. Consider it an honor. Mastrius walks again!"


  • Mastrius is of the Quarra bloodline, but is not a member of the clan.
  • You must be a vampire to get the quest.


  • When you meet him again, he may lose his vampiric appearance. ?