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Imsin the Dreamer (imsin the dreamer)
Location Buckmoth Legion Fort
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 11 Class Master-at-Arms
Training Axe (60)
Blunt Weapon (60)
Long Blade (55)
Other Information
Health 142 Magicka 76
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector)
Imsin the Dreamer

Imsin the Dreamer is a Nord master-at-arms and Knight Protector of the Imperial Legion at Buckmoth Legion Fort.

She wears an Imperial templar knight cuirass with matching skirt, belt and pauldrons. She also wears netch leather greaves, heavy leather boots, a common shirt and matching pants. She carries an Imperial broadsword, common shoes and up to 100 gold.

She has a few quests for members of the Legion, and also offers medium training in Axe, Blunt Weapon, and Long Blade. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, she knows no spells.

Be sure to wear your uniform when talking to her, or she will refuse to speak to you.

Starts QuestsEdit

Imperial LegionEdit


  • Greetings:
    • "I don't know you. What do you want?"
    • "I don't think we've been introduced, outlander. I'm Imsin the Dreamer. How can I help you?
    • "Hello. What do you need?"
    • "Any way I can be of assistance, %PCName. Just tell me what you want to know."
    • "What is the situation with Drinar Varyon?"
    • "Are you here to report on Joncis Dalomax?"
    • "Report on the maiden's token, %PCRank."
  • Background:
    • "I am Imsin the Dreamer, Master-at-Arms and Knight Protector of the Imperial Legion."
  • Drinar Varyon:
    • "I believe Drinar Varyon is a smuggler. I hate to ask you to break the law, but we need evidence to convict him. Go to his place in Ald'ruhn and bring me any Dwemer artifacts you find inside."
    • "Drinar Varyon is dead? I did not wish him dead. I was hoping we could use him to find out who was behind the whole operation. But I thank you for your honesty."
    • "Have you found any evidence in Drinar Varyon's home?"
      • Yes, here it is:
        • "This along with the word of a member of the Legions should be enough to convict him. I will let you know when we catch him."
      • No, not yet:
        • "Go to his home in Ald'ruhn and bring me any Dwemer artifacts you find
    • [If you have the Dwemer Tube before starting the quest] "You seem amused... Do you already have proof that Drinar Varyon is a smuggler?"
      • Yes, here it is:
        • "This along with the word of a member of the Legions should be enough to convict him. I will let you know when we catch him."
      • No, not yet:
        • "Go to his home in Ald'ruhn and bring me any Dwemer artifacts you find
    • "I haven't heard any more yet, %PCName. Give it time."
  • Imsin the Dreamer:
    • "Not much to tell. What else do you want?"
  • join the Imperial Legion
    • "You had your chance and you blew it. Get out of my sight."
      • Goodbye
  • Joncis Dalomax:
    • "Joncis is being held in Ashurnibibi, a Daedric Ruin on an island northwest of Hla Oad. We cannot afford the ransom. Go there and rescue Joncis Dalomax if he still lives."
    • "Joncis is dead? That is unfortunate. He was not the best of us, but he was kind and honest."
    • "I told you to rescue him, not kill him. This is inexcusable. Joncis would never murder a fellow Knight. I will see that you are expelled for this."
    • "You've been expelled, but maybe you can join the Imperial Legion again."
    • "I am glad to hear that Joncis is safe. You have my gratitude, %PCName."
    • "I am glad you rescued him."
  • maiden's token:
    • "The outcast Telvanni Varona Nelas is blackmailing a Buoyant Armiger. Varona Nelas has an embroidered glove which was given to this Buoyant Armiger as a token of affection. It would cause a scandal if it were known that they are lovers. Go to Assumanu, which is southeast of Ald Redaynia, and recover the glove at all costs."
    • "Do you have the glove?"
      • Yes, here it is:
        • "Yes, thank you. I will return the glove to it's proper owner."
      • No, not yet:
        • "Go to Assumanu and recover the maiden's glove. Hurry before Varona Nelas uses the glove for blackmail."
    • "You gave the glove back to Ilmeni Dren? I did not want anyone else to know who the glove belonged to, but thank you."
    • "Varona Nelas is dead? Then this secret dies with her."
    • "The matter has been settled. No good can come from speaking of it again."
  • Orders:
    • "Dwemer artifacts are being smuggled through Ald'ruhn. I believe Drinar Varyon is responsible."
    • "I need you to rescue a Knight of the Order of Ebonheart, Joncis Dalomax."
    • "I need you to bring me a maiden's token."
    • "I have no more orders for you. Check with the Knight Protectors at the other Legion forts."


  • Imsin was to have given one other quest, involving a traitor who left the Legion in dishonor, but the quest was removed from the game before release.