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Imperial Prison Ship
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Console Location Code(s)
Imperial Prison Ship
Seyda Neen, [-2,-9]
Imperial Prison Ship

The Imperial Prison Ship is located at the docks in Seyda Neen. It can only be found during the first stage of the game.

Lower level of the ship

After you enter the Census and Excise offices, the ship disappears.

There are several crates onboard, some of which have items in them, but since you are not able to look inside containers at the beginning of the game, you cannot acquire these items (at any rate, there's nothing of any real value). At the stern of the ship there is a door which would normally lead to a captain's cabin on most ships, but in this case is locked (50). The ship's railings and gangplank are also surrounded by invisible barriers, preventing you from jumping into the water and escaping without going through the Census and Excise offices first.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Jiub   Dark Elf Thief 3 60 17 0 30
  • 3 Guards (2 Imperials and 1 Redguard)

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  • There is no cell for the ship's cabin. If the door to the cabin is unlocked using the console and then opened it simply swings open, revealing empty space behind it.