Morrowind: People / Spell Merchants
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Imare (imare)
Home City Balmora
Location Hlaalu Council Manor
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level 12 Class Nightblade Service
Spells Alteration SpellsDestruction SpellsIllusion SpellsMysticism Spells
Other Information
Health 72 Magicka 124
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Hlaalu Lawman(Lawman)

Imare is an Altmer nightblade who sells spells for House Hlaalu at the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. Her services are available to non-members, though if you are a member of one of the rival houses, you may find that you are not very well liked in that particular location.


Imare teaches the following spells:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Crushing Burden of Sin 158 Burden Burden 60-80 pts for 30s on Target
Fourth Barrier 120 Shield Shield 40 pts for 30s on Self
Third Barrier 90 Shield Shield 30 pts for 30s on Self
Exhausting Touch 75 Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue 5-20 pts for 60s on Touch
Gash Spirit 75 Drain Magicka Drain Magicka 5-20 pts for 30s on Touch
Ordeal of St. Olms 75 Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue 5-20 pts for 60s on Touch
Wild Exhaustion 90 Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue 5-15 pts for 60s on Target
Concealment 90 Invisibility Invisibility for 90s on Self
Shadowmask 83 Chameleon Chameleon 40-70 pts for 30s on Self
Shalidor's Mirror 100 Reflect Reflect 10-30 pts for 10s on Self
Strong Reflect 63 Reflect Reflect 20-30 pts for 5s on Self
Strong Spelldrinker 63 Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 20-30 pts for 5s on Self
Wild Reflect 103 Reflect Reflect 1-40 pts for 10s on Self