Morrowind:I'm NOT a Necromancer!

Morrowind: Quests: Mages Guild / Balmora
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Discover a practitioner of the forbidden arts within the guild.
Quest Giver: Sharn gra-Muzgob in Balmora
Location(s): Balmora
Reward: Summon Ancestral Ghost Spell or Summon Skeletal Minion Spell
ID: MG_Sharn_Necro
Required Rank: None
Sharn has a secret...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sharn gra-Muzgob about necromancers.
  2. Pick (unseen) the locked metal-framed chest near her and take the book Sharn's Legions of the Dead.
  3. Talk to her about necromancers again and learn the spells.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Talk to Sharn gra-Muzgob at the Balmora Guild of Mages about necromancy and necromancers. She claims that there's nothing wrong with necromancy, but also strongly denies to practice it. Pick the locked metal-framed chest near her (not the wooden one). Inside you'll find—among other books—Sharn's personal copy of Legions of the Dead, proving beyond all doubt that she really is a necromancer. Confront her by talking about necromancers again. In exchange for your silence, she'll offer to teach you one of two necromantic conjuration spells—Summon Ancestral Ghost and Summon Skeletal Minion.


  • This quest can be completed without membership in the Mages Guild.
  • The copy of Sharn's Legions of the Dead found in Sharn's chest is a unique version of Legions of the Dead. Only that version can be used to complete the quest, Sharn cannot be fooled by other versions.
  • Depending on your initial abilities, Summon Ancestral Ghost is the spell you start off with if you have Conjuration as a major or minor skill. In this case you might as well choose Summon Skeletal Minion.
  • Sharn typically stays in the corner by the shelves looking in the direction of the chest, making it difficult to steal the book. To facilitate the quest, walk up to the wall by the Orc, triggering her to acknowledge you by means of a verbal greeting—meaning she will turn her body to face you. Just make sure that the direction she was previously looking in has changed to effectively prevent her from witnessing the theft of her book.
  • One easy way to obtain the book is to glitch through the wall. Position yourself between the chest and the shelves next to it, and jump onto the shelves. Jump in quick succession towards the seam of the wall and ceiling, and after some effort you will find yourself with your head stuck in the ceiling. NPCs in Morrowind can't see you while your head is "stuck" and you should be able to reach the chest.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

I'm NOT a Necromancer! (MG_Sharn_Necro)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 Sharn gra-Muzgob assures me she is not a necromancer, and that she cannot teach me any spells. I wonder....
10 ☑Finishes quest When I showed Sharn gra-Muzgob her own personal copy of Legions of the Dead, she admitted she is a necromancer, and agreed to teach me a summoning spell.