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# of Zones 1
Bandits, Slaves
Console Location Code(s)
Molag Amur, [10,0]

Shushan is a small slaver's cave just a short distance southwest from Uvirith's Grave in the eastern Molag Amur region.

Inside is a nice stock of gold and gems. Two Argonian and Khajiiti slaves can be freed here. The slave key is in the possession of Evilu Indrano. She also carries a copy of the Hand-to-hand skill book Master Zoaraym's Tale and a copy of the Light Armor skill book Ice and Chiton.

In addition to the eight people, there is also one nix-hound inside. Both of the doors inside are trapped.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Ashidasha   Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 10
Bhusari   Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 10
Bidsi Gilvayn   Dark Elf Archer 9 92 92 0 90
Bunish   Argonian Slave 1 40 80 0 10
Dunius Valodius   Imperial Warrior 10 127 94 0 90
Evilu Indrano   Dark Elf Rogue 15 126 102 0 90
Penglithil   Wood Elf Barbarian 11 108 96 0 90