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Morrowind:Dagoth Ulen

Morrowind: Creatures: Ash Creatures
Dagoth Ulen (dagoth ulen)
Location Kogoruhn, Vault of Aerode
Species Ascended Sleeper Soul Grand (330)
Level 20 Type Ash Creatures
  • 10-15pts / 10-33pts / 10-15pts melee
  • Fire Storm
    Fire Damage Fire Damage 1-10pts in 10ft for 10sec on Target
  • Frost Storm
    Frost Damage Frost Damage 1-10pts in 10ft for 10sec on Target
  • Life Force
    Absorb Fatigue Absorb Fatigue 5-30pts for 30sec on Touch
    Absorb Health Absorb Health 5-30pts for 30sec on Touch
  • Paralysis
    Paralyze Paralyze for 5sec on Touch
  • Shockball
    Shock Damage Shock Damage 2-40pts in 10ft for 1sec on Target
  • Toxic Cloud
    Poison Poison 2-15pts in 10ft for 10sec on Target
Other Information
Health 280 Magicka 340
Alarm 0 Fight 90
  • 6th House Amulet
  • Lower Kogoruhn Key
Dagoth Ulen

Dagoth Ulen is an Ascended Sleeper, who can be found at the Sixth House base of Kogoruhn, in the Vault of Aerode. He is one of the few Ascended Sleepers capable of speech, though you'll need to sneak up on him or cast Calm in order to talk to him.


  • Greeting 1Look! It's Azura's Fool! Look at you. Not a real thing at all. Just a pathetic puppet of prophecy. And you think you can trust the Daedra Lords?
  • Greeting 2Come on! You're the prophesied Incarnate! Azura has promised you fame and glory! Surely you can't be afraid of me, can you? Don't be shy. With a Daedra Lord for ally and patron, how could you lose? Oh, PLEASE don't hurt me, star-blessed hero!
  • Topic: "Azura's Fool"Ah, she's sucked you in with her pretty prophecies. Promised you power, did she? Promised you justice, did she? And when did a Daedra Lord ever fulfill a promise? Such a faulty memory you have.
  • Topic: "Daedra Lords"Mortals are but simple sport to the Daedra Lords. They pull the strings, and you poor fools leap and dance. Why do you serve them? Why do you fall for their honeyed lies? For ages you've yielded to their temptations, their false promises. How soon you forget their treachery, their deceits.