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Morrowind:Corprus Cure

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Find a way to cure the dreaded Corprus disease.
Quest Giver: Caius Cosades in Balmora
Location(s): Tel Fyr
Prerequisite Quest: Sixth House Base
Next Quest: Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies
Reward: Removal of Negative Corprus Effects
Disposition: 100 (Divayth Fyr)
ID: A2_3_CorprusCure, A2_3_Corprus_Vistha, A2_3_CorprusKiller, A2_3_CorprusSafe
Required Items: Levitate/Jump
Suggested Items: Open (100), Invisibility/Chameleon
Difficulty: Low
Divayth Fyr has been researching a cure

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Return to Caius in Balmora and talk with him to learn of a possible Corprus cure.
  2. Travel to Tel Fyr, give Divayth Fyr the Dwemer artifact, and talk with him.
  3. Retrieve the Dwemer Boots of Flying from Yagrum Bagarn deep within the Corprusarium.
  4. Receive the cure from Divayth.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Finding Divayth FyrEdit

During the last quest to destroy the Sixth House base near Gnaar Mok, you contracted the apparently incurable Corprus Disease. While you have Corprus, the disposition of anyone you talk to will drop significantly, so it's a good idea to return to Caius as soon as possible. Back in Balmora, Caius is shocked to hear of your condition, but believes there may be hope. He has learned from Fast Eddie, a local Telvanni expert, that a Telvanni wizard named Divayth Fyr runs a Corprusarium deep beneath his tower in Tel Fyr, dedicated to the study of Corprus disease, and is your best chance for a cure. Apparently, Fyr is a collector of Dwemer artifacts, and Caius provides you with a Dwemer Coherer to help raise Divayth's disposition. You will also receive 1000 gold to pay for your expenses and a few levitation potions for use in the tower. The artifact weighs 40 pounds, so be sure you're able to carry that much.

Tel Fyr is on an island in the eastern archipelago of Vvardenfell, in the Azura's Coast Region. Caius will mark it on your map if you ask him about it, and suggests you speak with Sondryn Irathi at the Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild for detailed directions. The fastest way to get there is to take a Guild Guide over to Sadrith Mora; alternatively, you can take a boat to Sadrith Mora from Ebonheart.

Meet with Divayth FyrEdit

Once inside Tel Fyr, Onyx Hall, you should talk to Beyte Fyr, a Dark Elf woman, across from the entrance to find out that Divayth is in his study, accessible by the main fly well. The fly well is upstairs in the Hall of Fyr, inside and to the right of the entrance. If you need more Levitation or Invisibility potions, you can steal them from a shelf in the bedroom on the main floor of the Hall of Fyr. Levitate up and find Divayth, dressed in Daedric armor and standing in front of a purple crystal. Give him the Dwemer artifact and ask him about corprus disease. You may have to additionally raise his Disposition through persuasion or other means in order to get him to talk to you. Divayth has plenty to say about the disease, but mention that you may fulfill the Nerevarine Prophecies and he will quickly offer you an experimental and possibly fatal cure for Corprus. However, before he agrees to give you the cure, he will ask you to fetch a pair of enchanted boots from Yagrum Bagarn in the Corprusarium below and return them to him. On the face of it, this is a menial chore, but Fyr's real intention is for you to see the place in which you will spend the rest of your life if the cure doesn't work.

If you have angered Divayth previously by killing some of the members of the Corprusarium, you may be able to persuade him to assist you, either with conversation or magic, but if you have killed the warden, he and his daughters will attack you when you talk to them. Sometimes Divayth is extremely mad about what you have done, and presents you with no conversation options except "Goodbye". Fortifying your personality may fix this issue, changing his greeting dialogue to allow you to speak with him. The best way to achieve this is by using several Telvanni Bug Musk potions, which can be bought from Cienne Sintieve. If all else fails, you can use the console to advance the quest by entering SetJournalIndex A2_3_CorprusKiller 30.

The CorprusariumEdit

Yagrum Bagarn

The Corprusarium is downstairs, through the Onyx Hall. Before you enter, you will encounter the warden Vistha-Kai who will tell you not to harm the inmates, though they certainly have no qualms about hurting you. This is a good place for Invisibility or Chameleon if you have it, or a good Sneak skill. If you have Drain Fatigue or Damage Fatigue magic, you can use that (or the Hand-to-hand skill) to knock out the Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses in the area, without triggering any alarm on the part of the Fyrs or Vistha-Kai (even if you injure the Corprus creatures a bit while knocked out, as long as you kill none of them and hit them with no weapons or damaging spells). The easiest strategy may be to simply run past the Corprus victims and head straight for the Corprusarium Bowels while ignoring any attacks. Fortunately, once you enter the Corprusarium Bowels, none of the inmates you encounter will be hostile towards you. Yagrum is in the central cave, and is hard to miss. He will give you the Dwemer Boots of Flying and has some interesting comments on the disappearance of the Dwemer.

Once you have the boots, there is a trick to getting the Corprus victims not to attack you on the way out. Uupse Fyr, who may be found near Yagrum, will tell you that she can calm the victims with soothing drum rhythms if you find and bring her a guarskin drum which the inmates are prone to walk off with. Any guarskin drum will do, but unless you happen to have brought one with you you'll need to find the one in the Corprusarium. Return it to Uupse, and you will be able to leave the Corprusarium unmolested. Alternatively, you can use the same tactics you used on the way in to return straight to the Corprusarium entrance.

The Cure?Edit

Return to Divayth, give him the boots, and accept the potion.

It turns out that the potion doesn't actually cure you, but just removes the negative effects of the disease. Therefore, you have the complete disease resistance that Corprus gives, but no loss of attributes. Note that most of the 1000 gold Caius gave you wasn't needed (depending on how you got to Tel Fyr), meaning you're a bit richer too. You can now return to Caius in Balmora for the next stage of the main quest.

If you return to Fyr at a later point in the game, he will tell you that the potion doesn't seem to work on the rest of his cases and that he killed two of his most desperate patients while testing it. Apparently you are an exceptional case, though as you may have found out, the Nerevarine is supposedly protected from death by prophecy.


  • Fyr has some additional dialogue regarding Corprus Disease, consisting of him telling you that your case is hopeless and you should prepare to be imprisoned in the Corprusarium. The trigger for this dialogue is contracting Corprus before being cursed with it by Dagoth Gares. There is in fact another way to get Corprus besides the scripted event which occurs when Dagoth Gares dies. Tanusea Veloth in the Arena Pit of Vivec has Corprus Disease, which you can contract by searching her corpse. It is a differently scripted version of the Corprus effect, and it will prevent you from completing the Main Quest since Divayth Fyr will be unable to cure you.
  • During the dialogue with Divayth Fyr when you take the potion, a script runs which gives you 100% Resistance to Common Disease, Blight Disease and Corprus Disease, and removes the other Corprus effects. However, after you end conversation with Fyr, he will cast an entirely superfluous spell of Cure Blight Disease on you.
  • Completing this quest makes it more difficult to become a Vampire, because vampirism requires that you contract Porphyric Hemophilia, a common disease. Casting Weakness to Common Disease on yourself can help mitigate this issue.


  • If you have given a Dwemer Coherer to Divayth Fyr before Caius sends you, the Main Quest skips ahead when you talk to Caius.
    •   If you are on PC and have at least one expansion, you can fix it with SetJournalIndex "A2_3_CorprusCure" 0.
  • Sometimes, the negative effects of the disease do not disappear when you are "cured" when talking to Divayth and taking the potion, although the icons disappear from your spell effects list. Thus, you are left with your damaged attributes until you apply the appropriate restore effects (potions, spells, etc.). The positive effects are retained regardless, even if Strength or Endurance were raised above 100 (though these stats can be reduced again, e.g., by Bonewalkers, and not be restorable to over 100; see Glitches § Corprus Cheat for details.)
  • If you have more than one pair of Dwemer Boots of Flying in your inventory, Divayth Fyr may not accept them when you mention potion to him after you have obtained the pair from Yagrum Bagarn.
    • This can be resolved by dropping all but one of the pairs on floor and talking to him again.
  • Uupse Fyr will not tell you about the guarskin drum unless your disposition with her is at least 50. But she will accept it anyway because her dialogue checks the wrong quest ID to see if she told you about it.
    •   The Morrowind Patch Project addresses this issue. She will no longer accept the drum unless she told you about it.
  • Uupse may not take the drum from you, and instead just observe that you found it, without doing anything further.
    •   This problem can be resolved by entering the following commands in the console: Journal A2_3_CorprusSafe 100, followed by startscript CorprusBeastSafe.

Quest StagesEdit

Corprus Cure (A2_3_CorprusCure)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 The Spymaster promoted me to Traveler rank, but is very worried about my Corprus disease. My best chance of a cure is Divayth Fyr, an ancient Telvanni wizard who runs a Corprusarium for victims of the disease. With the Dwemer artifact and 1000 gold Caius gave me, I'll go to Tel Fyr and persuade Divayth Fyr to cure my corprus disease. I must hurry back to the Spymaster when I'm cured, because Caius knows how to get the lost prophecies Nibani Maesa asked for.
5 Caius says Tel Fyr, Divayth Fyr's tower, is southwest of Sadrith Mora, on an island on the southwestern edge of Zafirbel Bay. There's no boat service, so I must water-walk or swim from Sadrith Mora. Use the guild guide at the Mages Guild to reach Sadrith Mora. Then, at Wolverine Hall, Fighters Guild, ask the scout Sondryn Irathi for detailed directions to Tel Fyr. Caius gave me levitation potions, since Telvanni wizards don't use stairs.
10 I showed Divayth Fyr the Dwemer artifact the Spymaster gave me, but I didn't give it to him.
12 I showed Divayth Fyr the Dwemer artifact the Spymaster gave me, but I didn't give it to him. He seemed annoyed with me.
15 I gave Divayth Fyr the Dwemer artifact the Spymaster gave me. It seems to have made a good impression on him.
20 Divayth Fyr says that the corprus disease makes you immune to other diseases, and that the Nerevarine prophecies say the Nerevarine will be immune to disease. Can it just be a coincidence?
25 Divayth Fyr has offered to give me a potion that may cure me of corprus disease. It might also kill me, but, as he says, I haven't a better choice. All I have to do is go down into the Corprusarium, find a corprus victim named Yagrum Bagarn, collect a pair of boots from him, then return to Divayth Fyr, and he'll give me the potion.
28 I have been warned by Vistha-Kai, Warden of the Corprusarium, not to harm the inmates of the Corprusarium.
30 I have killed one of the inmates of the Corprusarium.
32 I have killed one of the residents of Tel Fyr. I doubt this will make me popular with the wizard Divayth Fyr.
40 Yagrum Bagarn gave me the Dwemer boots Divayth Fyr asked for. Now, when I deliver these boots to Divayth Fyr, he will give me the potion that I hope will cure my corprus disease.
46 I gave Divayth Fyr the Dwemer boots from Yagrum Bagarn, and he offered to give me the potion, but only if I'd take it right there, before his eyes, so he could closely observe its effects. Those are his conditions. He said to come back when I'm ready to take the potion.
50 Finishes quest  I gave Divayth Fyr the Dwemer boots from Yagrum Bagarn, and he gave me the potion. It didn't cure me. But it did remove all apparent signs of the disease. Divayth Fyr said he didn't actually WANT to cure me. He just wanted to remove the harmful features of the disease while preserving its virtues. It worked. And now Divayth Fyr is eager to test the potion on subjects in the Corprusarium. But I must hurry back to report to the Spymaster, and search for the lost prophecies.
Corprus Cure (A2_3_Corprus_Vistha)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 I have been warned by Vistha-Kai, Warden of the Corprusarium, not to harm the inmates of the Corprusarium.
Corprus Cure (A2_3_CorprusKiller)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have killed one of the inmates of the Corprusarium.
20 I have killed one of the residents of Tel Fyr. I doubt this will make me popular with the wizard Divayth Fyr.
30 I have killed one of the inmates of the Corprusarium. Divayth Fyr says he cannot forget what I've done, but he will forgive me.
Corprus Cure (A2_3_CorprusSafe)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Uupse Fyr said that if I would find a guarskin drum and bring it to her, she could play the drum to calm the corprus victims. She says the victims wander away with the drum sometimes, so I'll have to search for it.
100 I brought Uupse Fyr a guarskin drum so she could play some rhythms to soothe the corprus victims.

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