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Morrowind: Attributes

Endurance is the governing Attribute for Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, and Spear. It affects:

  • How much maximum Health you have. Each time you level up, your Endurance is divided by 10 and this value is added to your current maximum.
    • Only your base endurance and the Fortify Endurance from abilities (in the original game, only The Lady Sign) are used to calculate your additional health on level up. For example, if you have 50 base Endurance and +20 from a Fortify Endurance effect other than from The Lady Sign, your total Endurance will be 70; however, you will get only an additional 5 health when you level up. Note that increases to endurance do not retroactively increase hit points, so it is advisable to maximize endurance as soon as possible.
    • If you increase your Endurance when you level up, your new Endurance is used to calculate your additional health.
    • Note that the value is not rounded down, 45 endurance will add 4.5 health on level up. (the health pool on the other hand is rounded down, adding only 4 health on this level up, but 5 health on the next one)
  • How much maximum Fatigue you have.
  • How quickly your Fatigue regenerates.

Character CreationEdit

The starting values for Endurance vary by race and gender:

Race M F Race M F
Argonian 30 30 Khajiit 30 40
Breton 30 30 Nord 50 40
Dark Elf 40 30 Orc 50 50
High Elf 40 30 Redguard 50 50
Imperial 40 40 Wood Elf 30 30

The following classes receive a +10 Bonus to Endurance:

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Spell EffectsEdit

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