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Brilnosu Llarys (brilnosu llarys)
Location Hlormaren, roof
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 16 Class Battlemage
Other Information
Health 142 Magicka 189
Alarm 90 Fight 70
Brilnosu Llarys

Brilnosu Llarys is a Dark Elf battlemage, and a known outlaw and troublemaker. She is currently residing in the Hlormaren stronghold, leading a slave-smuggling operation with her gang of outlaws. The Morag Tong has placed a writ of execution on her life.

She is also in possession of the Andasreth Propylon Index; it is found inside the nearby dome. If you talk to her about it, she will threaten you, but will not actually do anything if you take it.

She is wearing an expensive robe with a matching belt and shoes, and ebony greaves. She wields the unique weapon Stormforge and carries an ebony cuirass, a scroll of the mind feeder, a scroll of the argent glow, three quality fortify magicka potions, a standard fortify fatigue potion, a quality fortify health potion, a potion of cure common disease, a substantial amount of gold, and the Hlormaren Wizard's Key which opens a chest inside the nearby dome, containing (among other things) the Hlormaren Slave Key. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows the following spells: Weary, Bound Battle-Axe, Bound Spear, Bound Longbow, Summon Greater Bonewalker, Summon Least Bonewalker, Commanding Touch, and Summon Skeletal Minion.

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  • The journal entry for the Master Index quest incorrectly refers to her as male.