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Morrowind:Boots of the Apostle (artifact)

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Boots of the Apostle
Artifact: Boots of the Apostle (boots_apostle_unique)
(lore page)
Type Boots
Armor Rating Rating 80 (266 Max)
Armor Rating Rating 80 (266 Max) Health Health 800
Weight Weight 10 (Light) Value Value 55,000
Cast When Used
Levitate Levitate 30-40 pts for 30 secs on Self
Charge/Cost = Uses 790/158 = 5
Boots of the Apostle

The Boots of the Apostle are a true mystery. The wearer of the boots is rumored to be able to levitate, though nobody has ever seen them used.Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

The boots can be found in the underground section of the Berandas stronghold (south of Gnisis), on a dead warrior (in the large area to the northwest), and are part of an Imperial Cult quest.

When Talos Stormcrown was a young man in Skyrim, he went into the mountains to learn the secrets of the Greybeards. He learned the secrets of the high peak winds -- the roar of the winter blast, and the warm silk of the summer updrafts. When he descended from the mountains, he came riding the clouds, striding through the air in great boots he claimed were gifts of the Greybeards for his cunning craft and riddling. After Septim yielded his crown, the boots disappeared, and have been lost for many years.[1]



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