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Baren Alen (baren alen)
Home City Vivec, Hlaalu Canton
Location Hlaalu Vaults
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 9 Class Noble
Gold 0 Mercantile Expert (55)
Sells Rethan Manor Land Deed
Other Information
Health 83 Magicka 106
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman)
Baren Alen

Baren Alen is the Treasurer of House Hlaalu and can be found in his office in the Vaults in Vivec's Hlaalu Canton. He is responsible for drawing up land deeds for House Hlaalu, and you will have to speak to him in order to purchase the deed to Rethan Manor. He is also involved in several quests involving delivery of documents.

Baren wears an extravagant shirt, pants, belt, and shoes. Besides the land deed, he also carries the key to the cell door located in the Vaults. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows the spells Mother's Kiss, Heal Companion, Veloth's Gift, Veloth's Benison, Strong Heal Companion, Rapid Regenerate, Regenerate, Balyna's Soothing Balm, Balyna's Perfect Balm, Balyna's Efficacious Balm, Blood Gift, and Righteousness.

Related QuestsEdit

House HlaaluEdit


Bank CourierEdit

  • sealed report:
"Another treasury report? Do you have it with you?"
"Is that report for me?"
Yes, take it.:

If you didn't open it or were able to convincingly re-seal it:

"Good, good. You can tell Edryno Arethi that you delivered it." (Disposition up by 10)

If you opened the report:

"The seal on this has been broken, %PCName. I will tell Edryno Arethi not to use you as a courier again." (Disposition down by 10)
No, nevermind.: "Well, thank Almalexia. I'm tired of dealing with all the reports I get."
"You already gave me the sealed report, %PCName."

Sealed OrdersEdit

  • sealed orders:
"Sealed orders? From Odral Helvi? Well, give them to me."
Here they are.: "These orders are addressed to Ten... Hmm... Yes, this is very interesting, %PCName. Here, take these 500 drakes and forget about this matter." (Disposition up by 10)
Nevermind.: "I thought you meant that you had sealed orders for me... Obviously I was mistaken."
"You gave me the orders already. Don't let yourself be troubled by it."

Erroneous DocumentsEdit

  • erroneous documents:
"A land deed from Odral? He does not have the authority to issue land deeds or make corrections. Stay out of the Hlaalu Records and let me take care of this."

If you took the false deed to Crassius Curio first:

"Crassius Curio has told me enough of what Odral is planning. Since Odral will not be satisfied unless he has the original land deed, perhaps you'd like me to make you a copy... for a token fee of 10 gold, of course."
Yes, thank you.: "Here you go. I doubt Odral can tell the difference. If he asks you to do anything else odd here in the Hlaalu Treasury or Hlaalu Vaults, be sure to keep me informed." (You do not actually lose any gold)
No, nevermind.: "I hope you're not planning on stealing the documents. That would be a serious crime."
"I made a copy of the land deed for you. You should take it back to Odral in Caldera before he gets suspicious."
  • land deed:
"Yes, I have the land deed for the abandoned Rethan Manor. We just need to barter and agree on the method of payment."


  • Baren Alen belongs to the Alen family, which has their own ancestral tomb.
  • He is technically a merchant, who can buy and sell books. However, he has no gold to buy things with, and he only sells the sealed report if you give it to him and the aforementioned Rethan Manor Land Deed, worth 5000 gold, though you'll probably have to pay considerably more than that, given that he is a very shrewd businessman. He will not barter with anyone outside of House Hlaalu, though it seems you can purchase the Land Deed immediately after joining the House, long before you get to the quest where you're supposed to do so. Acquiring the deed earlier seems to have no negative effect on the quest.