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Morrowind:Alen Ancestral Tomb

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Alen Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Alen Ancestral Tomb
West Gash, [-7,15]
Alen Ancestral Tomb

Alen Ancestral Tomb is a hideout for some vampires, located in the West Gash mountains southeast of Khuul.

While there are five Quarra bloodline vampires here in the tomb, there is unfortunately not much loot of note. Shortly after entering the tomb, you will find yourself in a small room guarded by three vampires. Once the opposition is taken care of, loot the three urns in the room which all contain a portion of bonemeal. Take care with the urn in the southern corner as it is trapped. You can then proceed to the next room to fight two more vampires. However, there is no loot to speak of in this room.

Family MembersEdit

There are three known members of the Alen family:


  • Although the vampires in this tomb are of Quarra blood, they don't belong to the Quarra faction.


Alen Ancestral Tomb