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Anas Ulven (anas ulven)
Home Town Gnaar Mok
House Nadene Rotheran's Shack
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 9 Class Thief Service
Training Short Blade (57)
Light Armor (52)
Security (47)
Gold 100 Mercantile Novice (10)
Other Information
Health 81 Magicka 106
Alarm 100 Fight 50
Faction(s) Camonna Tong Thug(Thug)
Anas Ulven

Anas Ulven is a Dunmer thief who can be found in Nadene Rotheran's shack, a Camonna Tong hideout in Gnaar Mok. He sells and buys thieves tools and is a medium trainer in Short Blade and Light Armor, as well as a minor trainer in Security.

Anas and his friends are involved in a turf battle with the upstarts from the Thieves Guild over who controls the Bitter Coast.

Anas wears a netch leather cuirass with matching boots and a common shirt with matching pants. He carries a steel dagger to protect himself. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
Item Qty
Apprentice's Lockpick -10
Journeyman's Lockpick -5
Apprentice's Probe -10
Journeyman's Probe -5