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Lore: People: Y
SR-interior-Yngol Barrow 03.jpg
Yngol 's shade standing over his corpse
Race Atmoran Gender Male
Died Merethic Era
Sea of Ghosts
Resided in Eastmarch
Appears in Skyrim, ESO

Yngol was the son of Ysgramor and older brother of Ylgar.[1] He was a brave strategist who defeated enemies before they even knew the battle had begun.[1] He was also purportedly the greatest blacksmith the Atmorans had ever known.[2]

After the human city of Saarthal was sacked by the Elves, in an event known as the Night of Tears, Yngol fled back to Atmora with his father and brother.[1] According to Nordic myth, he forged Wuuthrad, Ysgramor's legendary battleaxe, on the deck of the fleeing ship the same night and presented it to his father.[2]

After returning to Atmora, Ysgramor sent Yngol and his brother to recruit the bravest warriors of the land and form the Five Hundred Companions. During the Return, he commanded a ship called the Harakk, but it was lost during the Storm of Separation just before they arrived at Hsaarik Head.[1] It was eventually found along the shore, but Yngol was dead.[1][3] It was a devastating loss to the Five Hundred Companions.[4] It is said that Ysgramor wept in his grief and slew a dozen beasts, burning them in honor of his fallen son.[3] A barrow-hill was dug in the Atmoran tradition, and Yngol was laid to rest with rites and honors among his clansmen far below the rocky face of Hsaarik Head, the first of the Children of the Sky to perish in Tamriel.[3][1] Yngol's resting place ultimately determined the placement of Windhelm and the Palace of the Kings, as Ysgramor wanted to be able to view his son's resting place from the windows of his palace.[5]

In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn explored his tomb and encountered the ghostly shade of Yngol. After defeating the spirit, Yngol's ancient enchanted helmet was retrieved from his skeletal remains.[6]


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