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Sword Master Vhysradue
ON-npc-Sword Master Vhysradue.jpg
Sword Master Vhysradue
Race Tsaesci Gender Female
Died 2E 582
Anequina, Hill of Shattered Swords
Resided in Anequina, Hill of Shattered Swords
Appears in ESO
"Tamriel's finest swordmasters lie dead at my feet. What hope do you have?" —Vhysradue[1]

Sword Master Vhysradue was a renowned Tsaesci grandmaster warrior known for numerous conquests, fearless challenges, and a century-long commitment to surpassing the greatest swordmasters of Tamriel.[1][2]


Hill of Shattered Swords

Little is known about Vhysradue's past. Around 2E 482, she journeyed to Anequina and staked her claim on the Hill of Shattered Swords southeast of Riverhold. While the Khajiit of Anequina expected her to eventually succumb to old age, she defiantly remained on the hill for a century, taunting and challenging anyone who passed by.[2] Living for such an extended period, she showcased a longevity that surpassed the usual expectations for her kin.[2][3]

She amassed a collection of old banners, believed to be trophies from past conquests,[2] and wielded the banners of the Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, and Daggerfall Covenant strategically in battle, linking fury with the Pact, and vitality with the Dominion.[1]

The Sword Master emerged victorious against numerous champions from various regions, including some of Tamriel's most skilled swordmasters. The hill was adorned with the remains of her adversaries.[1][4][5] In 2E 582, Ri'hirr, a Khajiit associated with the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force enlisted mercenaries to eliminate her and retrieve personal mementos from the bodies of fallen challengers, to provide solace to their families. During that year, she was finally defeated by these hired challengers, who were later rewarded by representatives of the Defense Force.[2][6][7]


  • Akaviri swordsmen have been described as possessing a power similar to the thu'um, called "kiai".[8] Some of Vhysradue's abilities were identical to the Ardent Flame magic of Dragonknights,[1] techniques that stem from Akaviri methods.[9][10][11]

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