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Lore:The False Revanchism of the Maormer

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The False Revanchism of the Maormer
An essay on the age old conflict between Altmer and Maormer

The ages old conflict between Altmer and Maormer has raged so continuously, and so long, that it is easy to come under the impression that it is a complicated struggle. Built, layer upon layer, century upon century, of two-sided wrongs and reprisals. This is a fallacy of the most harmful order. It grants a hint of legitimacy to deprivations that deserve none. The Maormer have never held claim over the Isles of Summerset, and gods willing, they never shall.

I fear the fallibility we have developed in our fall from Aldmeri grace has led to the common misconception that we are close siblings to those who dwell in Pyandonea, but the truth of the matter is that we are far distant cousins with only a shred of common ancestry. This welcome revelation comes from previously untranslated Aldmeri tapestries within the Crystal Tower. The unmitigated truth revealed at last, after painstaking study, speaks not of a common plight of reluctant migration and tragic diaspora, but a tale of treachery and exile.

The blood the Maormer spill has always been in the name of greed and hungry ambition. Their corrupt "king," Orgnum, thought to usurp our ancient homeland of Aldmeris from its rightful rulers, just as he seeks to steal Summerset from us. The Maormer are a despicable people who do not deserve the guilt of conscience some have afforded them for too long. Any debate on the matter is closed, the Maormer apologists are silenced, and the prosecution of war against the Pyandoneans should be carried out without remorse.