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Fort Redmane
An Imperial bear that was potentially a Tenth Legion steed

The Tenth Legion is a sub-faction of the Imperial Legion, the militant arm of the Empire. The Tenth Legion has been a part of the Imperial Army for many years, since as early as Reman I's reign.[1] They are most well-known for their part in Emperor Uriel Septim V's ill-fated invasion of Akavir.[2][3]


Under the Second EmpireEdit

After Reman I occupied the throne in 1E 2703, the Empire contested with their southern neighbors on the border. And on the Trans-Niben, the Khajiit of Anequina frequently raided Imperial settlements. General Nemenius Hestor, commander of the Tenth Legion at the time, proposed the construction of a fort to protect the Lower Niben region, and in 1E 2707, the Fort Niben project was underway. However, resources in the Empire were put elsewhere as General Hestor's superiors did not find the threat worth targeting. In order to find support for his fort, the General manifested a fake story about the clan-chieftain and "fanatical religious leader", Hunzur-ri and his holy crusade to drive Man out of the Trans-Niben. Even giving him the epithet, the "Red Mane".[1]

Support strewn in for Fort Niben while Hunzur-ri was badgered by his fellow hunt-barons for "evoking" the Empire's wrath. Infuriated by this, Hunzur-ri assembled a band of loyal followers and stealthily infiltrated Fort Niben where they ambushed and killed General Hestor. Likewise, Hunzur-ri was struck down by Hestor's soldiers. Rather than admit they created the very threat they wanted to destroy, the Legion spun the story of how the General died in a heroic last stand, and years later, Fort Niben was renamed to Fort Redmane.[1] In 2E 23, the first Imperial bear cavalry was used in a bear parade down through Leyawiin's streets, as noted by Minnarah of Gwylim. She also noted them with "10th Legion steed?", but Honorata Ancrus of Eyevea could not verify it and deemed it fictional.[4][5]

Under the Third EmpireEdit

After years of conquest, Emperor Uriel V began to assemble an all-powerful Expeditionary Force to the continent of Akavir, which became one of the strongest naval fleets in Tamrielic history. Among the Tenth Legion; the Fifth, the Seventh, and the Fourteenth were also picked for the initial landing invasion. The Far East Fleet left Esroniet on the 23rd of Rain's Hand, 3E 288 and after six weeks at sea, landed on the Tsaesci kingdom and took over a coastal town they renamed to Septimia. While Emperor Uriel V and the army were stationed in the city of Ionith, the Tenth and the other three legions were busy securing the path between the two settlements and fortifying their defenses. However, because of their lack of cavalry, scouting was limited and communications were constantly threatened by enemy raiders.[2]

As the winter season came along, the Empire and its colonials were held down by the storm's severity. On the 5th of Sun's Dawn, a large entourage of Tsaesci envoys came to Ionith with a "peace offering" from the Tsaesci king. On that night, however, the envoys murdered the guards of the city palace and attempted to assassinate the Emperor. However, soldiers of the Tenth Legion were able to defeat them and save the Emperor. That night was the last time the two main parties attempted any peace. The ensuing spring only sealed the Expeditionary Force's fate. After a devastating battle with Tsaesci forces in the north and a subsequent siege on Ionith, the Emperor and the force attempted to retreat to Septimia but were overwhelmed. The few survivors recounted Uriel V and the Tenth Legion's heroic last stand, allowing the Fourteenth to escape. The Emperor was stricken down by arrows as he rallied the Tenth's shield walls. This was confirmed by two Tenth Legion survivors who arrived in Septimia that night.[2]

By the time Titus Mede II led the Empire, Legate Justianus Quintus commanded the Tenth Legion, and in the Great War, led the Tenth Legion in Hammerfell and Cyrodiil until his injury during the Battle of the Red Ring, 4E 175. The Imperial Legion in Hammerfell first came across the Aldmeri Dominion after they took swift control of the southern Hammerfell coast. The Imperial Legion were forced to retreat across the Alik'r Desert in an infamous event known as the March of Thirst. Though some have perished in the journey, survivors regrouped in northern Hammerfell where they were joined by reinforcements from High Rock. The Legion was henceforth led by General Decianus who was able to drive out the Dominion in Hammerfell and led one of the armies that retook the Imperial City in 4E 175.[6]

Known CommandersEdit

  • The First Era
  • The Fourth Era

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