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Lore:Tsaesci (place)

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Type Province
Continent Akavir
Subregions Imperial Province of Akavir
Demonym(s) Tsaesci

Tsaesci (meaning Snake Palace; see pronunciation) is a nation found in the southwest of Akavir.[1] It was once the most powerful nation in Akavir, before Tosh Raka came to Po Tun and renamed it Ka Po' Tun. Its naval power remains unrivalled, and its holdings are widespread. Men once lived in Tsaesci, but the vampiric serpent-folk (also called Tsaesci) ate them (the use of the word eaten however is up to interpretation- it may be literal or metaphorical). The Tsaesci have enslaved the goblins of the surrounding isles, and use them for labor and food. They once attempted to enslave the dragons as well for use as food, and succeeded in enslaving the red dragons, but the black dragons fled to Po Tun. A great war was raged, which left both the cat-folk and the snakes weak, and resulted in the death of the dragons.[2]

Tsaesci has had the most interaction with Tamriel of any Akaviri nation. The serpent-folk once invaded Tamriel in 1E 2703, and survivors left a large cultural influence on the Empire. The Dragonguard, a group dedicated to dragon hunting, came to Tamriel from Tsaesci and played a part in the formation of the Blades.[3] Many Tsaesci relics and ruins remain in Tamriel, and most citizens think of the snake-folk when speaking of Akavir.

Tsaesci was invaded by Emperor Uriel Septim V in 3E 288, who founded the Imperial Province of Akavir. The settlements of Septimia and Ionith, located along a large river surrounded by fertile fields, were captured and refounded by the Empire. Thousands of settlers were brought to Akavir, and a road was built connecting the two settlements. The invasion lasted until 3E 290, when the Tsaesci attacked the invading Legions, who were already weakened by supernatural weather. This resulted in the death of Uriel V and most of the invasion force. The natives reclaimed the land, and Tsaesci has not been visited by Imperial forces since.[1]


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